Turbo project newbie, advice welcome



Right, I have a '99 NB 1.8 mercifully with chassis rails intact and only 62k on the clock. I’ve owned her for a year during which time I’ve enjoyed the heck out of my first rwd sports car, but now the time has come to whack a great big turbo on there. Looking to achieve 220-250 hp at the flywheel with no more than 250ft/lbs of torque.

My list of work already done:

  • oil change (fully synthetic 0w40)

  • oil and fuel filter changed, conical air filter fitted and original airbox removed.(all K&N)

  • spark plugs and leads replaced (NGK and magnecor respectively)

  • cambelt, pulley, tensioner, waterpump, camshaft seals, crankshaft seals changed

  • 4 degrees advance timing trigger wheel fitted

  • charcoal canister removal

  • washer bottle relocation 

 - stiffer engine mounts

This is my shopping list

  • T25 turbo (from an SR20)

  • Kraken cast manifold and 3" diameter downpipe

  • ME221 standalone ECU

  • AEM X series UEGO controller with wideband O2 sensor (for closed loop boost control)

  • Miatawarehouse intercooler

  • Denso RX7 550cc injectors

  • EP racing stage 3 clutch

  • A catchcan 


I’m planning to do all work myself except the final map which I’ll send the car off to a rolling road to get done. I’m looking for any pitfalls to look out for or anything I’ve missed off the list. I’ve done a fair bit of research but I’m an amateur mechanic at the end of the day and this is just a hobby so appreciate any pointers!



You might want to consider a larger radiator?

I’m not turboed but  was having overheating issues - solved with a new & larger radiator.

At the moment my radiator seems to cope wel even with the advanced ignition timing and a heavy right foot, but if the intercooler isn’t sufficient on it’s own I might look at a new radiator. Bent quite a few fins on mine.