Turbo Tune

Trying to find a good tuner to possibly remap my NC RC with BBR turbo install in the south east.

Seems its either Sanspeed or Skuzzle, any advice please.

Skuzzle has a good rep, but why not BBR? It’s not that far away. Give Neil a call at BBR and I’m sure he’ll give you a good deal, but what’s the problem?

Brackley is over 2.5 hours drive away and returned to BBR just after install with clutch issues, which remain to this day. Its a long story but not over pleased with the after sales service.

Car has always run rich since install but now is creating a black cloud and stinks of fuel. There are deffo no leaks anywhere. I assume it was set up to run rich to preserve engine but seems to be getting worse. No one like following me as it makes them feel sick after a while. Also the map has always been what I would call passive rather than aggressive, it goes well but its not throwing you back into the seat type moment.