Two bits of advice please?

I’m not sure what the policy us called, but had anyone brought an insurance for potential problems with a newly purchased car (new to you) after the warranty has finished. Are they worth the money if not why not?

What is an agreed price policy too?

Also is it worth going to a specialist insurer? I’m with ‘Quote me Happy’ and they have been really good. Because of my age I tend to get a good rate, I’m also a low mileage user too. Cheers guys?

Hi Richard, good questions all.
The quote will differ from person to person dependant on their circumstances.
Some companies do give lower premiums based on limiting mileage so it’s worth mentioning it for sure.
There are some companies that specialise in classic car insurance and may include the MX-5. The quotes you get will vary wildly as there seems to be little in the way of regulation for insurance companies. As always it pays to shop around. For the cost of a phone call you could save a tidy sum.
Extended aftermarket warranties for older cars can be expensive as more is likely to go wrong. Some may not cover alot of the parts that you’d need cover on so research is key.
It’s almost as good to pay for an AA inspection before you purchase to highlight potential pitfalls and give you an idea of what to expect.
Remember that many of these cars are quite old so components are more likely to fail even on a generally reliable product like a Mazda.


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Personally I never take out extended warranties on new cars or used cars, been bitten once never again over an Aircon failure that wasn’t covered. That’s my personal preference and I’ve managed most of my driving years without any major problems or large bills. Good regular maintenance is the key.
Mainstream insurers do for me, haggle and haggle a bit more for a decent deal on normal motor insurance, ring round the main co or do the compare stuff.

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…yes the problem with extended warranties that the list of items excluded is far longer then the list of items they include!

…they can make every claim a subject of"expected wear and tear" and are probably not worth it…


Yep the Aircon failure was exactly that I mentioned above.
Sharp intake of breath, “well sir, if your condenser is damaged it’s wear and tear, not covered, if it’s failed, it’s covered”

Report to the insurers, a stone hit the condenser, sorry sir not covered.
At least the garage cut some of the labour costs for me as a gesture, still cost £360 odd to fix.

The extra warranty cost £350.

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Extended warranties never seem to please those who purchased and needed them.
I won’t bother with one.
Insurance companies: I have changed every year, to save money, and it takes on average 3 hours of shopping around. This year I saved £115 with Direct Line.
Quote me happy were great when I needed them 10 years ago though.
I wouldn’t use AXA again just on principal: they sent me a text just days before my renewal, claiming they could not take my renewal fee because my bank details had changed. My bank details hadn’t changed, but I was shopping around, so I left it at that, yet they took my payment on renewal day, despite their text having clearly said they would not renew my policy.
Then when I asked for a refund, they again claimed they couldn’t process it because my bank details had changed. It took two unnecessary phone calls to put things right. It isn’t much I know, but it stank of dodgy dealings.

An extended warranty may make you feel a bit more comfortable. But Id rather keep the money in my pocket and self fund any repairs. Some warranties exclude wear and tear - which can be a major cop out.