Two holes in the boot - why?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __Mk2.5
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  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __
    There are two holes in the bottom of the boot which are filled in with removable rubber stoppers. The edges of these holes were quite severely eroded. Now I have removed the rust the holes are irregular and will not accept the rubber stoppers as well as they should. I am wondering whether I should just seal up the holes using some panel repair or do they actually serve any purpose??

Thank you in advance for any advice.

This shows the underside of the said holes, before I removed the rubber stoppers:

They are official bungs that are factory fit, drainage holes would be my guess, if ever?:+1:

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All cars have bunged up drainage holes all over them. On normal cars I believe they are to drain off any excess liquids used when preparing the shells, anti-rust coatings etc.
In Mazdas case I think they’re just to let the excess water out when it leaks.

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I think you can safely seal them up. Useful when dipping and draining new body shells I suspect. No useful purpose on a built car.

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First job for the weekend then! Thank you!

Definitely useful if you leave the top down or boot open and there is a sudden downpour…
Don’t ask me how I know. … :hot_face:

Also handy if you’ve had to use the space saver in dark mucky weather and the cradle needs a cleaned out next day. I’d not seal it permanently.
If you get a milk spill or summat it makes it easily hose-able.
On NO account…ask me how I know.



Every car I’ve owned has had one or two, usually at the bottom of the spare wheel well.

In the past with some of my more leaky old rust-traps I used to put a little nick in the rear edge of the grommet(s) so it could continue to drain by wicking out, but not leaving a big hole to let splash in. It was cheaper than a new rear window seal or boot seal on a zero-value rescue-car that would be scrapped in a year or two.

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