Tyre fitting at Wentworth

Since I seem to have been omitted from the list of Rally Traders yet again!!!

Here are the prices for tyres fitted at Wentworth


You do not need to complete an order on the shop, but an email if you would like tyre fitting. 

If you want anything else, other brands, different sizes please let me know, in advance. 

185 60 14 Vredestein Sportrac5 £44

195 50 15 Kumho HS51 £39.90

205 45 16 Kumho KU39 £61 Please contact me in advance!

205 50 16 Kumho HS51 £61

205 45 17 Kumho KU39 £64



There seems to be a problem with your “click” link for me anyway !!



Thanks Ned, I had posted the link from the admin side of my site which you wouldn’t have had access to. Sorted now. 


Hi Nick,

I’m hoping to find some Rota RB’s at the rally, but I’m not sure if I will be able to find them, nevertheless how much would you charge for 4 Rainsport 3’s fitted just so I know?


I would charge you £49 each.

However, I won’t have any unless you order them in advance.

(Advance does not mean the day before)

Great stuff, thanks! I’m just waiting to see the traders list so I can see if I’m likely to find a set of rims. I’ll let you know in advance if I am able to find some and need tyres!

From past experience you will wait a long time to see a trader list. The concept of advanced notice is lost on the OC.

I sell wheels. 

Rare Rims (Rota UK) are unable to make the Spring Rally at Wentworth Woodhouse as they will be at Siverstone for JapFest. But they are “pencilled in” for the National Rally at Donington.

Trader List for Wentworth is being finalised and published this weekend.



It is far from all our side Nick, the concept of MX-5 traders getting back to the Club in good time is lost on some but not all, too.

Speaking to the largest assembled groups of your MX-5 customers you would think would be priority for people in the MX-5 market, we have even waived ground charges for this event to make sure that distance is not a barrier for suppliers.

All I can say to MX-5 owners is to please support the traders who come to the shows, they value you very highly

Iain, since I was only asked at the beginning of this month if I was coming, I would suspect if other traders are the same they possibly feel the same way. “Well if they can’t be bothered, why should I?”

As I communicated to the club last year and the year before I need to purchase around £4,000 of tyres to bring on spec in the hope that people will want tyres at the event. The number of club members that say “oh, I didn’t know you were going to be here, I have just …” is quite high which makes it exceptionally annoying and frustrating that yet again MOT Motorsport was excluded from the advanced notification in STHT. 

If this were any other organised event there would be a prospectus for potential traders giving things like expected foot fall and opportunities allowing traders to evaluate and plan their attendance. I am sure you appreciate a trader is not actually going for fun but judges events on if they will contribute to their mortgages or not. 

Hi Nick, I’ve been told that 215/45/17 would fit my oe rims ( 2007 mk3 2.0 sport ) currently fitted with 205/45/17. If true how much for 4 kumho ku39 please?

Same price, £64.

You need to let me know though.

Getting a few ready


Hi Nick do you think you will be able to fit in a front wheel balance for me  ;2 new kumhos fitted 3000 miles ago ,balanced twice by different outfits still not right at 65-70  ;checked all mechanical areas   2010 mk 3.5 2 litre



I would like to think we can do that.