For the Spring Rally at Oulton Park I have a special offer on Kumho KU39 205 45 17, ideal for your MK3 with 17" wheels at £66 per corner fitted and balanced including vat. So that is just £264 for a complete set of 4 tyres. 

However, this is a special offer price and I will need the tyres to be ordered from me in advance for which I will need to either take payment in full or a £100 deposit. 

I only have a limited number of these tyres so it is first come first served. You can either contact me via my shop website feel free to phone, details below, although I am not always in a position to talk or take orders, or actually buy on line HERE,


You can then use the PayPal button for express checkout if you have a PayPal account, or if you want to leave some additional notes then select the “Checkout” button. Even if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can enter payment details through this for cards.  

If you use the PayPal button direct it will automatically populate the delivery address with your address, if you use the Checkout Button, it will give you the option to specify a delivery address. DO NOT WORRY about either of these options, by selecting fitted at Oulton Park when you selected the tyre option, I know not to post tyres, but to bring them to Oulton with your name on them, so just leave the delivery address to what the system sets it at, I will not be posting them. 


Prices for:

185 60 14 Vrederstein Sportrac 5 are £200 for 4 fitted. 

195 50 15 Kumho HS51 are £200 for 4 fitted.

205 45 16 Kumho KU39 are £276 for 4 fitted 

205 50 16 Kumho HS51 are £276 for 4 fitted 


Great price Nick, if only my Bridgestones had more than 8000 on them 

would like a pair of hs51 fitted at oulton park but cant get website to take my order.should i email or pm you?

Hi Binky,

You can phone or email. However I did post the wrong link in first post originally, so it may well work now. The order is recorded on the shop, it was just the payment part that did not go through correctly. 

I have also added the field to allow requesting fitting at Oulton. 





Thanks for the reply Nick.should I reapply for the tyres or would that confuse things?I am after TWO hs51 fitted at Oulton park.I dont have a paypal account but notice that you can take debit/credit ncards on your main website;Iwould prefer to pay this way if possible. many thanks, Binky.p.s do requre payment in advance or on the day, either way its  no problem.

have just clicked on the link for ku39…it now has the oulton fitting option but when i click on hs51(the tyres i want) it still only has the northampton option.i take it the hs51 IS available for oulton fitting at oulton?..ooooooops!!! just tried it one more time oulton bit working on hs 51 now.

OMG Nick! You were rushed off your feet at Gaydon at £304 for a set when I got mine. Haven’t regretted it in sun, rain, snow or ice though. Now you’ve dropped to £264. Something tells me you are going to be very very busy. Nice one sir. 

Hi Roadie take it youve got the ku39? Iam going for the hs51.never  had kumhos before but but looking forward to trying them .I take it your very happy with kumhos?

Happy? Not half! Compared with the factory fitted Michelins which were on the car previously they feels more solid, better ride, plenty of grip and quieter. Not had really bad weather over the winter but they have certainly lived up to my expectations. They really suit the car which is very important. My previous Mk1 came to me with Pirelli P6000s. A very good tyre and not exactly cheap. They just didn’t suit the car though. Found that out in rain while pointing the wrong way on a slip road leading to the A1! Check out Nick’s video of a comparative test of the HS51s with the Toyo.

While ‘You get what you pay for’ is always worth remembering it doesn’t always hold true. When I got mine Nick was already about 10% cheaper than anybody else. Haven’t done another price check but that figure is probably about 25% now. Price is nothing though if you are compromising on performance, peace of mind and most importantly safety. In this case I don’t believe that you are, in fact it’s the opposite.

Nick is always ready to offer advice on the forum, whether there’s a sale in it for him or not. When you do want tyres he will sell you the best rather than the one’s that make him the most money. Nice guy too. You can’t miss him, he’ll be next to a big white van covered in brake dust and rubber!

16" Tyre size is 205/50/16 NOT 205/45/16 as you state…Mine are anyway

Hi Binky,

Other things just got in the way on me completing all the changes, I have just got back to them. 

Give me a ring tomorrow and we can sort it out. 



Who is stating where? 


will do many thanks .

O.K SOLD. thanks for the info . am ringing Nick tomorrow to order some kumhos…now having already got almost new bridgestones on the back and I WAS going to put the kumhos on the front to replace the (inherited)arrowspeeds …but I wonder about swapping ends???

First post updated

First post updated again. 

I have probably left it a bit late,  but is there any chance you will have some of the 17" there tomorrow?

Might do