Ulter nd axle back exhaust

Anyone have any knowledge and/experience of these Polish made back boxes for mk4?

Ulter back box on eBay image

I see they offer aluminiumised steel and stainless which would probably be reflected in the different priced boxes in the link, can’t say I’d ever heard of them before.


Apparently, based on this thread, the I.L. Motorsport back boxes are actually Ulter back boxes.

Hello Ian/All

Yes indeed these are made by Ulter I would recommend going with the stainless option when available. Mine has been on the car since it was registered I have a link to a sound comparison video I made If you want to hear how the twin sounds. It also looks the bomb.

As for the single Twin I have not used or seen one but As I mentioned in the other thread the quality is amazing the welds are a work of art.


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