Unable to update my Avatar


Having successfully selected my new Avatar picture (100x100 pixels) and 42kb, it appears to have replaced the old one after I click “Update” . . . . the only way out of that page is to click “Back” which then returns my Avatar to the previous one.
I can’t see a “Save” option and I can’t get the update to stick.

What am I doing wrong please?


You’re not doing anything wrong. When you see that the avatar has changed then just get out of the poorly scripted page. I just close the tab. You will probably need to clear out the cache in your browser and refresh the page afterwards



I had the same issue the other day and found this.   https://www.mx5oc.co.uk/forum/yaf_postst67343_Avatar—how-to-load-yours.aspx     last post by R666

Followed the instruction and it worked.


I’ve done all that, several times - even left the PC turned on all night on that said, but this morning, still no change.


How can this be so hard?



I wrote those instructions 6 years ago


 . . . and as though by magic, my Avatar has changed, three hours after it displayed to me that it didn’t (And apparently wouldn’t)

Technology, eh?  

It almost certainly changed immediately, but it took a while for your browser to refresh the cache and for the new avatar to show. In all probability if you’d visited the site straight away via another browser it would have shown your new one. Glad it’s showing for you now. :slight_smile:


I tried it from my mobile (after changing the Avatar, on the PC) and still no change, even after an hour or so of giving up on the PC.


Appreciate the thought but it wasn’t the case,  


Was your mobile on the same network/WiFi as your PC? That can happen too. EE/Orange used to be a bugger for it - trying to update web site graphics and the damned server wouldn’t update its cache either… 


PC is on a wired LAN connection to a Sky Fibre

My mobile is on data network (not wifi) with Voda


Must have been magic then…



I’m unable to post an avatar, the instruction page is all blurred and I’m unable to see what I need to do.

Just logon and click on ‘my profile’ and select the option ‘modify avatar’. From there you can upload a photo. It’s a long time since I changed mine but think it takes a few mins to show the new version. 

I’m not expecting that Avatars will migrate to the new forum so you may get 24 - 36 hours out of any change you make now…


No, I don’t see an option to ‘update avatar’

Please have a look at Geoff’s subsequent post and try again. 

The Forum will be taken offline prior to transfer to the new platform sometime today. I am surprised that any posting is possible today but it seems we are trying to synchronise with B r4x 1tWink

IanH has indicated that Avatars will not be moved to the new forum platform, scheduled to go live on 3/2/20, so I suggest you leave avatar introduction/update until after the new forum fires up.