Underbody protection £2.50 @ Lidl

Underbody protection £2.50 @ Lidl for 400ml spray can. It may not be the best stuff, but may help some of you.


Did you buy any?
Have you used it yet and how far does a can at 400ml go?

Yes i did BUT it was £8 for 4 cans acc to the receipt.

One person on a FB group said that it is good.

I got it to touch up difficult to access places.

No, not used it yet as our car is still at local garage as they cant get hold of camber bolts.
Apparently Mazda Europe are sending them as UK havent got any.
Will pop in tomorrow to see what is happening - or not.
(Not sure in MX5 Parts will have some??)

Shame it’s not available in my country :frowning: I bought a pot of paint-gel for rust protection but this can be handy for hard to reach spots.

Had mine on order for some time, arrived eventually last week.