Underbody treatment recommendations?

Has anyone any recommendations for someone/somewhere who can carry out an underbody assessment & treatment (waxoyl or similar) in Devon?


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Dinitrol and Bilt Hamber are better products

Thanks, but do you know of anywhere reputable that can carry these treatments out?

Bilt stuff is brilliant, but sometimes you have to take what you can get if you’re not DIY-ing.

It looks like Allans Vehicle Services and Auto A.R.T might be good places to start making enquiries. I have no personal experience of these garages, but reviews seem consistently high.

Hope that helps!

I’ve just used Torque GT, Ashburton. They import and sell Japanese cars and as they have to underseal them they become an approved Dinitrol undersealer. They don’t advertise that as it’s not their core business , I stumbled on them online

Not cheap, they did my rear drop links at same time, just over 1k, see all the pics in this folder

Selected photos here before and after

I’ve recently had my land cruiser done by south west rustproofing. 3 day process, very thorough, not cheap but very good and highly recommended. https://www.southwestrustproofing.co.uk

Some of us in the area have had Exbourne Garage at Exbourne Cross near Okehampton wax oil our MX5 for us and we have all been very pleased with the result. With mine they removed the wheels, under trays and the back bumper, I have pictures to show this, removed any surface rust, which was only very light, before thoroughly coating every area with wax oil. a really good job.

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