Undersealing 2011 NC

Hi, I’ve just bought a 2011 NC which has only done 3,000 miles per year since new, probably garaged. We’ve managed 3,000 in six weeks, great car.
Is it worth getting it undersealed/waxoiled and where would you take it in Grampian area to get it done. We live just South of Stonehaven. The car will be street parked.
I’ve read price like £400 ish, is that correct?

Hi and Welcome,

Locally you could try Barry Cooper in Laurencekirk.
A bit further afield then Preserve and Protect in Johnstone have a good reputation, worth having a google.

Price wise I think you’re at the lower end of the range. On a car that isn’t brand new if you’re not removing dirt and surface rust before under sealing you might as well not bother, this will mean that it should be a minimum of a 2 day job.


I had mine done by themx5restorer for £380 a couple of years ago so £400 is not too far off the mark. Mine was pretty clean underneath so remedial work was not required.

Hi again, thanks for that. Just looked at the Barry Cooper Facebook page and that looked quite promising so will give him a ring tomorrow.

I should also have asked about my wheels, the paint seems to be wearing down to the alloy underneath. Not sure whether that is a common problem and have no idea what might have caused it. Almost as if something has been sprayed on all four wheels. Any suggestions where to get these done? I think I’d prefer to get a couple of second hand wheels and do them two at a time.

Barry did my first NC as well as some arch repairs (moisture trapped in the liners and on the inside of the sill lip) and did a good job, whoever does it be prepared for the smell to persist for a long time… :sunglasses:

I had NC wheels powder coated at PPS in Inverurie (close to me, other places probably available) as the coating was bubbling, a common problem with Mazda wheels where moisture gets under the sharp edges at the rear of the spokes.

People do clean and paint them up also, seen some good examples of that too.

Interested if you can share any pictures of what’s happening to them.