Understanding NC range

hi all, in the market for an NC, can someone tell me the dates of all the NC updates please
i see NC3/3.5 quoted and sometimes 3.75, but a bit confused as to when these were introduces
*i also read on the roadster blog the following on the 25th anniversary model -

In terms of performance the engine was given the best of the best parts from the factory. Mazda engineers hand-picked the pistons, connecting rods, and flywheel, to give the 25th Anniversary’s engine the best possible characteristics. They did the same with the previous 10th Anniversary NB model and talked about how it resulted in an improved driving feel. Here the MZR engine is said to rev more freely with improved response to the driver’s input. The 6-speed manual version also gets Bilstein dampers, but other than that the mechanical specification is the same as a regular 2.0 MX-5

are these pistons, condos etc only on this model, or are they on others too
i’m a bit confused - lol


Changes to the range from 2009

Then again 2013

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thanks, so i assume the 2013 on is classed as the 3.75?
so what about the mention of different condos etc on the 25th version? - is this the same for ALL models from 2013 on?

I 5hink what is being described here is a process that used to be known as blueprinting.
For certain classes of racing, engines couldn’t use modified components, so manufacturers built blueprinted engines where all the components were selected from parts bins to be in the middle of the tolerance range and in the case of pistons, conrods etc, to match in weight to give a balanced engine without having to modify it.
A balanced engine could safely rev higher, thus giving more power and reliability.

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could be, but im thinking not as the bhp figures quotes are basically the same

They would be, as the engine is technically unmodified, so the claimed output would be the same.

That’s the whole idea of blueprinting, the engines are theoretically absolutely standard but in practice, they are smoother and can take more revs.

Was this model aimed at track use?? It would seem pretty pointless if not.

ah, maybe so - i wouldn’t think it was aimed at track use though hopefully someone will confirm

I think it was marketing hype. Realistically the tolerances on todays mass produced engine parts are a lot tighter than they used to be and I really can’t see Mazda’s top engineers umming and aahing over a conrod for yet another “special” edition.
Nice looking car though with the soul red paint.

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The information given is spot on.
Basically go for a 3.75 then that will have “Whatever” the last mods Mazda made before the introduction of the Sky Active ND. :+1:
(Which was why I bought one). :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, I can’t see why they’d bother.

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