Unsubscribe a thread

How can I unsubscribe from a thread I started.  Every other forum I’m on has the option on  each reply that comes in.

Depends whether you clicked ‘POST’ or not - if you did, and it’s registered on here, then go back to your post and click ‘EDIT’ top right of your post. This will show what you typed previously. Easiest way is to outline every word and line that you want to delete, and press ‘DELETE’ key on your keyboard. Outline? (or highlight) put your mouse cursor at the start of your text, (the arrow should change to a I if you get it in the right position, and hold the left key on your mouse down, then move the cursor over all the text you want to delete, and don’t let the mouse key release till you’ve covered everything. Now you can let the mouse key release, and press DELETE on your keyboard. It should dissapear. Next fill in the little box at the bottom of the post you are editing, and enter what you like, (reason for editing) I would suggest ‘Error’ - or whatever good reason you have. If you only want to remove part of your text, either outline it as above, or do it the hard way, letter by letter, pressing DELETE each time you get to the next letter you want to remove.

If you haven’t pressed ‘POST’ then there’s a CANCEL button at the bottom of the intended post, just click on it, and the job’s done.

A moderator will eventually delete a post if it was entered in error, which is why you need to fill in the reasons for edit to start with. You cannot delete the whole post yourself if entered on here, only a moderator can do that. If you didn’t press the POST button, then no harm done, you just don’t post it! But cancel it anyway.

Hello, I don’t want to delete or edit the post. I just want to stop receiving replies.

Go to Options and Unwatch the Topic

Thank you.