Update on Dogs

We have had an update today (Saturday) that the Airfield has been designated live in case of Emergency by the CAA for operations on Sunday 28th April to cover Leeds Bradford.
As such due to CAA regs we are no longer able to allow dogs onto the Rally site.

Dogs are welcome in the Museum.

Barney’s devastated!  

This would have been his first Rally!

On a more serious note, good to know that the airfield is available should there be any issues at LBA 


Speaking as a long term professional pilot, how will this affect use of the runway for the main events of the day?


So is our Noodle … In fact he thinks it’s woof trearment…


The purpose of our dogs was to guard the house while we went out for the day, never dreamed of taking them to airshows, motor racing and similar events.

Whilst this may be unavoidable and important it should have been confirmed to everyone much earlier and not the day before the event in my opinion.

I’m sure iainf would have informed everyone much earlier had he known, however there could be things happening that you, me or Ian will never be told about. That might be why it’s last minute warning.

I feel sorry for all those who have organised the event as so many (I hope not) will bend their ear about no dogs…

Just enjoy the day folks


Leeds Bradford’s runway is aligned approximately North West/South East and there have been strong winds today which may have prompted a reaction to designate an emergency runway aligned East/West, as Elvington is, in the remote event that tomorrow’s wind is out of crosswind limits for some aircraft.

Having said that, this seems very strange indeed. Elvington is an unlicensed airfield so can’t legally be used for fare paying passenger flights. There is no air traffic control or any passenger handling facilities. A more normal diversion for LBA is East Midlands airport, again with an East/West runway and with full facilities to take a diverted aircraft up to and beyond the size of any aircraft that can land at LBA.

You’ve seen the pic of mine, not capable of guarding anything!  so might as well take him with me 




Another thought regarding these strange CAA regulations that allegedly specifically prohibited dogs from the event.

The law prohibits any aircraft from flying below 1,000 feet within 1km of a public gathering of 1,000 or more people unless an official written permission is sought and given. I’ve had to do this any number of times in the past for my work and the CAA require up to 42 days to process an application.

There should really have been a NOTAM (official notice to airmen) issued to protect the area of the event from low flying aircraft. I did check, and there wasn’t when I left home on Sunday morning. Anyway, if an aircraft suddenly needed to land on the runway in an emergency a few dogs on the grass would have been the least of the practical problems.





You’ve seen the pictures of mine and he is !! He’s like a bloody wolf !! Growls and snarls like a rabid… well dog !! He’s a nutter honest !! ??? 



Ain’t that the truth! I thought the whole thing was a bit odd TBH!