Update on various new forum issues....

The BIG issues, all noted after everyone’s comments.

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />  The user name thing. All points taken on that one, its not how I ideally want it to be and I have asked the developers in the interest of personal security, privacy etc. to sort it out.  I will keep you posted on changes.    The threaded view thing. Yes, topics rubbish mostly in threaded view.  Can have its use, and I did read up on the theory behind it on the CS support forum and it can be useful.  Any how it should default to flat view but at the moment I can't find the button to do that..  :oops: (We do have a man on here who's knows a bit more about CS than I do, so just need to track him down.. He was having beer and curry last night when I tried him and was therefore otherwise engaged...  :lol: )   The narrow width thing. Reasoning behind it was to keep the style similar to the website and I can think of one other very successful and busy MX-5 forum that uses CS and also has a narrow width.  However I will look to get that sorted as I am aware of another even busier car forum that uses CS and doesn’t restrict the width.   The complete move and shutting this one down thing. We have so far had a bit of confusion over this weekend, inevitable I think.  I favoured a gradual move, other mods favoured shutting one and opening the other.  Its not easy either way is it.  I'm sure we can all cope with a few days confusion.  Its a bit like moving house.  Lots of boxes everywhere for weeks and you can't find the kettle..!   The vast amount of knowledge on this forum thing. Yes a lot of good stuff, dwarfed by lots of rubbish.  So a nice fresh start in some more focussed and considered forums, particularly with the technical bits which are so important to this forum.  And of course as those who have been over and looked a very full technical archive from day one compiled from all the very best stuff on here posted by all the regulars over many years and now archived by our dedicated technical mods team. There is other stuff to move however, and as mentioned before if you see things you think we should move, contact a mod, move it yourself or start a thread of suggestions somewhere.   I don’t want to lose anything on her that’s of value and so far as I am concerned we will keep this forum online to dip into and search for as long as we feel we need it.   A few other bits. We did have some forums set so they needed a mod to approve posts.  Not deliberate and hopefully now fixed. Sorry for that. Some forums did not have an edit button, again should be fixed. Various people are having login problems.  In fact very few considering we already have 457 signed up members.  And a lot of those, in fact majority are MX-5 Owners Club members, (so what does that say about the statistics of one former club committee member then ;)  )   And ( I missed this one!), search box to be added to main forum page after we accidently lost it .!!   Other things we will need to do. Lots I have no doubt.  I keep finding little things that new one does not seem to do, then I find something it does that this one doesn’t.  But its not until you start to really use it that you find these things.  Post up all suggestions, shortcoming in the site suggestions section on the OCNF and we will work out way through it all.   And finally. Apologies for all the disruption, and thanks for your patience.    I suppose tomorrow morning we will get all the week day users log on and we start the learning curve again so those who have found out how to do bits on the new forum please feel free to help those guys out.    

I am starting to like it a bit more - I’ll stand by what I said on the old forum though;

It does not look as user-friendly compared to the fairly standard PHPBB setup
There are too many different sub-categories for “problems”

It does take a bit of getting used to, but I think that once the unavoidable initial issues are ironed out there will be far more potential than with the old site.

The old site was totally independant, so couldn’t link up to things like;
Personalised events calendars
Personalised weather reports (my favorite part of MX-5.com(so many idiots there I just gave up though))

Potential for online shops and discounts also increases.

The number of people on forums is only going to go up, as firstly more people settle in to the Internet, and the 21st Century, and also as cars get older and insurance become cheaper for younger people.


It’s a shame that so many people are not even giving the forum a chance, because it will not survive with that attitude.
Fair point on privacy - there are forums that I want to remain annonymous on, but this is not one of them, so it is not an issue for me.



If you search and the text contains a quote, it displays the code for the quote, rather than just the text - it makes it look a bit untidy.

Also, how are you meant to find the search function? I can only get tit through looking at the most active members, and I’m not sure that actually searches properly.

oops, should have been on my list,  search box to be added back to forum main page.  It got lost when something else got altered and we never noticed until recently…  I will add to to my post.

Login problem, yes I did have a problem, thought I was going mad. Never mind it SEEMS sorted now. Won’t take it personally if it falls over again though.

 We’ll get used to it in time…
 Main thing really is a BIG “Thanks” for your efforts - don’t lose heart, it will all be just fine sometime…

Exactly.  Remember all the moans about the (then) new club logo? [8-)]

I’m sure this has been noted somewhere but if you link to the forum from the Area sites (or at least the Solent one) you are directed to the old forum.

Also I’m not sure if I’ve seen this mentioned but why does the new forum require me to scroll across the screen all the time - is this me or something that is on the list?

Good work guys 



All the ACs are aware of the new forum so its really up to them to get link to here sorted out.  I will remind them again though.

Not sure about the scrolling thing.  Are you viewing topics as threaded? making the reading bit very narrow? if so click on button at top to change view.

 Is anyone else having problems with the new forums using Firefox 3?
Seems to hang quite a bit.

I’m using Firefox 3.0.4 and it’s fine.

 Yes Firefox is fine.
As for Konqueror well just don’t even bother. 


Firefox works, but the title bar looks really messy for me:

 I hate to say it, but I’m outta here.
 The old forum was part of my daily reading, and I would often reply to posts to help out other members, list items for sale, and of course make many…many purchases from other members.
 The new forum just isn’t as easy to use. It’s a step backward and I know I’m not alone thinking that. A waste of money…and for what…?
So long everyone. I hope things get back on track one day.

It was known that things would take a little while to sort out.
Things are improving and it is hoped that people will be patient enough to wait while things are resolved.
But if you’re not? Well maybe pop back some time in the future.

 In Firefox try changing default font size in preferences. Firefox OK for me v.3.04 on Mac

We’re aware that the new forum might take some tweaking and user education, but surely this is hardly a fair comment after only making 1 post???



 And where is this new forum to try?