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Not sure whether this is the correct category for this but anyway here goes. 8 MX5OC members have booked a tour to Lake Garda with Scenic Car Tours for June. £200 deposits were paid last May with the balance of £1800 due to be paid tomorrow. Two members have been offered and accepted a transfer of their trip to September. One member has been offered a voucher for a tour to Lake Garda next June for a £100 more and two days less, the rest haven’t heard anything. I am presuming the expectation is that we pay the £1800 tomorrow and take our chances, a little akin to lemmings jumping off the cliff edge knowing what the outcome is going to be, even though SCT, by their actions with others, are effectively saying the tour will not happen. Other package operators are cancelling and refunding payments to customers, but not SCT. We went with SCT due to their good reviews but they seem to have become totally dysfunctional; unable to get a reply on the phone and no reply to any emails sent.
Sorry about the length of the post but it is so frustrating that I am expected to throw good money after bad.


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I’d guess that if you don’t pay the outstanding monies, they’ll not be too long in getting in touch with you.

As above, but also if you do pay the balance all maybe lost.
I’ve made a fair number of bookings for a tour later this year, I’m not the only one who’s waiting to hear I’m sure, whether it’s going to be be yay or nay but it’s a few months away. I can’t even think about it right now TBH, feel sorry for those who have made plans to travel soon and are in limbo.

Just checked the SCT Manage my Booking and details have changed to the deposit paid and now states Holding Tour 2021. At least that’s something but still no communication regarding next year’s tour. Only interested in the one tour, if I can’t go on that then I’d like my money back.


SCCT have been in touch with the Club on some of the other tours due imminently, they said that they do have backlogs with all that is happened in and are trying to get back to everyone as soon as they have plans, options for each customer. I would advise holding off on further payment until you have some clarity from them, send an email to say as much and also check their T&Cs on bookings.

The whole travel industry is in disarray and trying to get on top of the turmoil, Your certainly not alone trying to get some clarity, I m chasing club related accommodations and deposits all over the place as well as my own family holiday.

I’d booked with them to go to Jersey/Guernsey in June. I’ve paid the balance, because they offered me three options how to progress, including next year; also I have the credit card to claim on if they go bust, as well as my regular travel insurance (renewed every year for skiing but it also seems to cover this sort of thing).
Giving them the balance will help their cash flow, and might help stop them going bust. Being a business they should be getting some support from gov towards staff wages, however if its too small a business then they might class as self-employed and that’s more difficult.

Just to clarify, my own tour I referred to isn’t anything to do with these type of planned/organised tour companies.
I’ve done it myself for Scotland. Even so I’ve already paid a significant amount upfront and have balances to pay.
Already had to make adjustments to a couple of accommodations booked, refunds and rebooking. It’s around 6 months away but naturally businesses were starting to get twitchy at the beginning of March, one even closed down completely until next year.

Pay the balance on credit card for 2 reasons.

  1. If you don’t pay when due, you’re in default and your insurance won’t cover you.

  2. If the trip is cancelled and you don’t get a refund from SCT, the credit card company are obliged to refund you instead.

We in Solent Area booked to do the Lake District Tour at the beginning of June. Obviously, with the current situation this is no longer possible and so I contacted SCCT who got straight in the case and we have moved our trip to the end of September in the hope things may have settled down a bit by then. From our experience SCCT have always provided excellent service and have been very helpful in meeting our requirements, even in these difficult times.

Unable to transfer my tour to September due to other commitments so waiting to hear regarding a transfer to next year. Sent another email yesterday so waiting now for a reply, this also applies to 4 other members.

Hi Davyw,

SCCT will get back to you in due course. All their staff are currently working from home and with sometimes intermittent communications links but they do respond. In the current situation, they are having to prioritise their efforts and focus on tours that are imminent in these somewhat difficult times.


Solent Area AC

Hi Mal
Yes, I had an email this morning from Keiran and now waiting for further detail. Will update accordingly.

Things happening very fast now. Recognition of our situation and the transfer of our tour package to next year is now in hand. It appears we were caught at the end of a backlog. Excellent response now.

Glad to hear that Dave. Yes, it has been a difficult time for SCCT having to move all the bookings around and can imagine the backlog hey must have.
Glad it’s getting sorted for you👍

Hi. Is anybody else booked to go on the SCCT trip “Highlights Of Austria” in early September this year?

Hi First Rider
Yes i am going on the trip to Austria in september,also another chap called Paul Lapworth,both in the Oxford Club area,we have both extended our trip for few days longer,Kieran is quite sure it is going ahead now,we have both changed from the boat to the train as we think that is better as things are at moment,Dave Ward arera coordinator was going,so was Paul Herbert but they have both decided not to go as they are still nervous about the bug Paul Lapworth and I are both confident that all will be okay,when all said and done Austria is very clean country with lots of fresh air,and we do not want to put our lives on hold for a year.If this trip works out okay we are going to see if Scenic tours will do the Norway trip for us next year.They seem an amazing very genuine company to deal with.
All best Simon Hildreth

Hi Limon,

Thanks for your answer. It is interesting and makes sense what you have said about changing from a ferry to the Chunnel. Have you done that through Scenic Car Tours and was there any additional cost to do this?



Hi First Rider
Yes we have booked tunnel through Scenic Tours,appt quite a few have changed to the tunnel,we have booked the 6.30 train ,so lovely early start,yes there is slight additional cost of £80.00,what part of the country are you in,when i was originally going on the boat i had booked a premier inn,but now not lot point goping to bed so will get up very early drive down in the morning,so obviously no hotel charge now…
All best Simon

Hi Simon,

Thanks. We are in South Cumbria. We will have a think about the Chunnel but I don’t think that we will be driving down in the morning to catch a 06:30 train! :sleeping:



Hi Ralph
Not sure really how i ended up on 6.30 train,initially i was going by boat with hotel etc,i think everyone will be going different times and different ways,so probably all meet up at first nights stop.
When i pay my balance which i think is next week i are going to ask how many are actually going,in that i know two that have changed there mind i assume the numbewrs will not be over huge.
Simon {Limon]

P.s if any one else is goiung on MX5 holiday to Austria it would be nice to hear from you,if we all enjopyit and you are interested hoping to Norway holiday next year.