Upgrade to RX8 anti roll bars - which size bushes?

Hi MX5ers

Just purchased a set of yellow dot RX8 anti roll bars from ebay, now looking at which bushes to purchase and would appreciate some assistance.

Am I right in saying that now I’ve bought the fatter RX8 sway bars I’ll need to buy RX8 bushes?

Or is that irrelevant because the size of the bushes is the same?

There are several different sizes of RX8 bushes available and I’m a little confused?

Please can someone set me straight?




Actually there’s also 3 different sizes for the front bushes on an MX5 too, so I’ll measure the diameters when they arrive and order accordingly.

It’ll give me an excuse to use the digital caliper I got for christmas :slight_smile:

I’ll be interested to see how you get on, as I too have recently bought a pair of RX8 yellow dot arb’s and was thinking the same thing re. bushes and drop links…?


I’ve measured up the RX8 yellow dot ARBs: Front 26.5mm Rear 16mm. The actual brackets for sale online appear to be the same for both the RX8 and MX5 NC, it’s just the diameters of the holes in the bushes that’s different.

So on that basis all that should be needed is the larger RX8 bushes to fit the RX8 ARBs and they should go straight into the MX5 ARB  brackets.


Shopping around for bushes the best deal I found was from strongflex: https://www.strongflex.eu/en/


They sell RX8 polybushes for both front and rear for about £31 (4 bushes in total) and if you use the voucher code “fiat5” 5% discount is applied. That’s the price of the red ones which according to the site are the same as OEM bushes, hovever I went for the yellow “sport” bushes which were about £35. All orders come with grease supplied.


Hope this helps



Just got rx8 yellow dot bars and am getting a new set, strongflex seem good value.


Just got rx8 yellow dot bars and am getting a new set, strongflex seem good value.