Usb for Bose unit

Hi folks, in my search to improve my audio pleasure i’ve find oud that it seems difficult to play USB sticks on my Bose 6 cd changer unit from my NC 3.5 (2010).
The Mx5 parts MP3 player is not compatible with the Bose cd changer…
It has an aux jack in the console, would that give me some options? Seems that even this route is a tricky one (mentioned non-Bose compatibility on their sites…).
Changing the unit is not an option as that implicates changing the entire system (speakers)…

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The USB I’m unsure about, I’ve done it in a fashion buying a plug in DAB adaptor but that also involved an aftermarket head unit too.
No need to change out the whole system if you want a new head unit to replace your Bose. They do adaptor kits and all the leads to adapt a Bose setup. Just make sure you connect the lead to power the amps for the speakers.
There’s a thread ATM of a member swapping out a Bose unit, have a search.

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When they say it isn’t compatible it isn’t that is doesn’t actually work, what it actually means is it uses the same plug on the back of the unit!
Or at least that was the case with my NC which I fitted this into: (was cheaper when I got it…)
Therefore, if you don’t use the 6 disc changer (or don’t actually have it installed) I don’t see what the issue would be.
Unless I am not up to speed on the various different Bose units as my NC was a 56 plate.

I have a gizmo that plugs directly into the power socket for power and has a lead that plugs into the aux socket to output into the audio system.
It bluetooths to my phone for streaming audio and also has rwo USB sockets, one to power the phone and one to accept data from a USB stick.
It even has a card reading socket.
I use a music app called Muzio to play the music with and it displays the album art as well
When I use the phone display for sat nav, the sound plays through the audio system, as do phone calls if you use it for hands free.

Would you have more details of your “Gismo”…

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I had one of those above, it worked well must admit.
I ditched it though and went for an all in one aftermarket head unit. It plugged in to the 12v socket but to get a decent sound (no hiss) I then needed to use a cable to connect to the head unit (3.5 jack) and the unit. Then if DAB another cable to the aerial and finally maybe a charge cable to my phone. Also at the time I had a standalone sat nav, another cable to hide from that stuck on the screen.
All gone now, a unit in the dash does everything, no cables visable.

I think it may well have been your recommendation I followed, thanks if so.
I have no DAB, so no cable for that.
The aux in cable goes behind the gizmo to the aux in and is all but invisible.
The only visible cable is to charge the phone and that’s only necessary for long journeys really.

There are others been posted that are more compact, mine was purchased on positive reviews rather that practically. Although the adjustable neck was handy it was also too long so it covered the heater dials slightly. Great though, connect your tunes via USB stick, charge phone via USB too, it had two ports and even has a slot for a micro SD card, put your tunes on there too. Tune it into the radio to play through there or connect via the jack cable. Coupled with hands free calls via BT, it was s nice unit, well still is I still have it.

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Thx guys :+1:, good advice/info here …after a hugue prospect i found this articles from IL motorsport;
They’re convertors enabling you to combine aftermarket heads with the Bose soundsystem.
The first one seems universal (known brands) but it seems that it does not support steering wheel control (have to mail them for confirmation)

The other one does support steering wheel control but only for Pioneer heads.

As MX parts specifies there’s a difference between Bose units as their own audio link works for the regular Bose unit but not for MP3/6cd changer, have to chek that too with IL.