Used MX5 Poncho ball present.

What do to do with the Poncho ball after you have put the poncho to use and cannot get it back into the ball!

A Blue Peter moment, turn it into a Christmas bauble, glue the two half together, add a christmassy sticker and some glitter and hey presto! a MXmas bauble.

that’s what will be decorating my Christmas tree this year… Smile

Look forward to seeing it dangling from your aerial on the Xmas run. Might do the same with mine albeit it’s still in its container.

It’s all right for you lot worrying about what to use the empty ball for, despite being part of the rally organising team I’m still trying to work out how to open the b…y thing. 

Put it in a warm place, or sit on it for a while - it’ll hatch into a baby poncho Cool

Well I’m so glad that you posted on this, I was still trying to work out what it was meant to be.

We didn’t know what it was for so thought it would add value, it is up for sale, the car that is!

There is something in the ball LOL, spent most of the day debating with Bev, she said there wasnt anything in there i said why is it split in two halfs then, put it in bag and forgot about it. HA HA,i win and i am going to gloat now.


here’s one I made earlier Smile

lol…  Smile


Robbie suggested its a place for your locking wheel nut

OK - so it’s a locking wheel nut holder, but I still want to know how you get into the b…y thing in the first place.

Grasp both sides firmly and twist in opposite directions whilst pulling apart, that should do it, but careful when practicing you might never get the poncho back in!

bring it along tomorrow night David, and I’ll show you how to work it.  I know this new technology can be a bit daunting for you old folks, but I’m here to help… Wink


Love it!!! But I have to ask, why do you have access to a decorated (and lit) Christmas tree in October?


Believe it or not I BOUGHT one of these balls at the NEC classic last year! Solely with the intention of turning it into a bauble!

Slightly off at a tangent but, there is a guy locally called ‘Mr Christmas’ who celebrates Christmas every day with presents, tree, christmas dinner, etc.

Anyway nice to see your bauble, I haven’t got round to decorating mine yet.

I have two cats…got their attention quick enough!

They think it’s THEIR Christmas prezzie





We could arrange to send you another to keep them both happyLaughing