V5 vin number discrepancies

Does anyone know why my 2010 sport tech has nc1 on its v5

No. Worth a call to DVLA

I take it the number on the vehicle is starting NC2?

The vin starts JMZNC1 not sure how this works since it was registered in 2010 .Any help would be appreciated

Yep has the nc2 smiley grill ,still a bit confused :roll_eyes:

Your probably right, will try to find out some how

Worth checking the vin number on all the major panel stickers is the same and matches the main vin behind the windscreen base.

Does sound like it was manufactured a while before it was registered, which isn’t unusual with MX-5s being seasonal cars they can sit unsold for a while.
For example my ND was PDI in October at the dealer, registered the following March, so was probably in the showroom all that time unsold.

In what context does it say NC1? NC2 is not an official designation, it’s a made up term that people use to identify the different models.

Just checked some other reg’s from Autotrader 2008-2011 they all show vin’s starting JMZNC1 so nothing to worry about just a number.

Thanks for that bruce225. I was starting to think I’d bought a lemon .Thanks for all the input everyone :+1:

I’d suggest that the Mk 3/3.5/3.75 all have VINs which start with “JMZNC” and that the 6th character in the VIN is actually the first character in the unique number for the car. My 2015 Mk 3.75 has a VIN which begins JMZNCA.

NC1 is EURO4 emission level, NCA is EURO5.