Video of Wentworth Woodhouse Spring Rally

Wentworth Woodhouse video

Sean Bermingham of Skyeye has produced an excellent video of the event, see the password is wentworth

Impressed! Gives so much better sense of scale of the event than a still camera does.

Any feed back regarding the video that Sean @ Skyeye has produced for us would be greatly appreciated. I can then pass on any comments to Sean.
I have had a couple of comments already as I had the video sent to me personally and glad to say so far, positive.
Thank you Sean & Tom @ Skyeye for giving up your time to produce this video of a great event.

Great video puts so much perspective on the event just a shame it wasn’t longer

but never the less great video well done

Great video, I wonder if club funds would run to similar at another event?

I understand that Donington is too close to East Midlands Airport

Great video, love the aerial shots. Well done.  

Amazing video, captures a great event

That’s so cool, thanks. Any chance of a public version on YouTube we can share on the Club’s social media channels?

I can speak to Sean @skyeye this week when I see him and see what can be done



Excellent video.

The video is now on YouTube
Wentworth Mazda mx5 spring rally

Thanks for that, its going on Club Facebook page later… 

Enjoyed watching that. 

This seems so long ago. 

if your new to the club take a look at what you have missed and what to look forward to. 




Very Impressive