Vinyl window

  1. My model of MX-5 is: nb
  2. I’m based near: _milton Keynes _
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __my vinyl roof. The window section has a massive gash. But the roof is in good nick. Is it possible to replace vinyl window with a new one? Also can I have a glass window installed? I am almost in the stage of fitting a roll bar, can I still use my hard top with this installed. Also can I have a glass window installed on the roof with a roll bar present?


Can a vinyl window be replaced with another, yes, cost is £150-200. You have a NB with a platic windown?

If someone has fitted a Mk1 hood to your Mk2, at one time, there was a company offering such conversions using a 2CV rear window (flat glass, not the slightly curved glass of the Mk2).

Most rollbars can be fitted with a hardtop.

Not all rollbars will fit with a glass window top. A rollbar for a Mk2 will, but most rollbars for Mk1s won’t

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I have an NB with a plastic window but with no zip. All in one sort of thing.

I’m glad to hear the hard top can still be used.

Thank you so much

Those roofs are the cheapest sort; £100-150. Not worth repairing the window.

I was thinking of buying the mohair style roof. So I probably won’t bother repairing it

Not all roll bars will accommodate a glass window, as the glass needs to pass between the rear uprights and under the diagonal. There are plenty that will fit, just know which combination you want before you start. Doing the softtop and the roll bar at the same time saves you doing a lot of the work twice

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Thank u