Volvo XC60 TV AD

Have you seen the Volvo XC60 TV AD?
A rather busy AD getting children ready for a trip, the whole AD passed me by, no interest,
until the final shot of the XC60 reversing out of a sight restricted residential drive way in to a main road.
A truck passes close to the rear of the Volvo which stops avoiding a accident.
I presume the purpose of the AD is to highlight the Volvo’s amazing rear facing technology fitted to the XC60?
How did this AD pass the advertising standards?
Reversing from a side road or driveway in to a main road surely is incorrect as well as being down right dangerous.
Just checking the 2015 edition of the Highway code page 69 advice 201 “Do not reverse from a side road in to a main road. When using a driveway, reverse in and drive out if you can”
I guess the AD crew could not manage to reverse in?


Usual Highway code cop-out “if you can”. Volvo will say they did nothing illegal or wrong.

I believe but sure someone will know for defo, if involved in an accident that way insurance will not pay out!!

They will decide, like they seem to do most of the time now “50/50”.

Hey who reads the Highway Code, except for when they have to pass their test and anyway this is a manufacturer from another country our Highway Code is probably different to theirs. If and when you drive abroad on holiday do you read another Countries code. I bet a great amount of people don’t. I had a friend complaining to me in the pub about being done in Spain for not having 2 pairs of prescription glasses on him whilst driving. He wasn’t pulled up for that, but because he did a dodgy manoeuvre around a car turning right and made another car coming from the other way swerve because of his inpatients, he got spotted and stopped. Then they checked everything. In Kafelonia if your on a roundabout you have to give way to traffic coming onto the roundabout.
In the USA you can turn right on a red light if nothing is coming and if you don’t other people will soon let you know about it for holding them up. This is life I’m afraid rules and customs are different the world over.

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To be honest I find it easier to reverse out of my drive in my ND. The distance from my eye line to the rear of the car is much shorter than to the front so I only have to protrude from my drive a short distance to see, compared to if I drove out forwards. Also the “rear cross traffic alert system” is very sensitive and lets me know if a car is approaching even when it is a considerable distance away. It would be very different if I was driving a normal saloon/estate car without a “rear cross traffic alert” system. I would definitely reverse in and drive out in that case!

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Just shows, that now we have all these new safety devices are some of the rules in the Highway Code outdated and need revising more regularly. A good example in the news last week was people doing video calls while driving. With Technology moving so fast these days you can soon find yourself in hot water. Manufacturers don’t help by putting large screens in the middle of your dashboard. By law your supposed to stop and use these devises, but who does, do you stop every time you change the radio station or use your Sat Nav or change the climate inside the vehicle.
Usually it’s the person reversing out of their drive who is more careful as this is something they do quite regular than the person driving by as there are a lot of them who are not watching more than the front of their bonnet or messing about on their screen in the middle of their dashboard, maybe they should put a device in that tells if you were using the screen when you had the accident or even better it locks you out while the car is on the move.
Oh and thinking about it the person who posted the thread is quoting from a 2015 copy of the Highway Code I’m sure there have been later additions.

One of my elderly neighbors has a block paved driveway with a car sized turnstile sunk into it, so drive in forwards, turn the car & drive out forwards. Great idea but must have cost a fortune. If we had one the grandkids would have great fun with it.


What a great idea.:+1:

I think they used to do that with Steam trains at some depots, or maybe I dreamt it.


My 87 year old father has a plate on a spindle sunk into the floor of the garage that allows him to spin found his motorbike on its centre stand. Neat set up. Forwards in forwards out.

In the same vane the person driving down the road could also be done for driving with out due care and attention for not seeing the hazard ahead, in many cases the people on the road are driving that little to fast in built up area’s. There has just been a bit in our local press about Essex Police cracking down on people speeding thru Villages and town centres since the pandemic started because there’s less traffic on the roads.

'O ye, of little faith. It’s a Volvo…play nice.

Oh… :shushing_face:

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NEVER EVER, trust technology to that extent! Tesla incidents should be enough proof of that. :thinking: