Wanted - MX5 MK1 1.6 - UK

Hi all.
Looking for a MK1 1.6l engine with a manual box, preferably pre-1994 for the higher spec engine.
Budget of around £2500, would stretch to £3000 if appropriate.
Ideally looking for rust free or as near as possible, with good repairs done (no filler).
Also would prefer it to be as near to original condition as possible.
Based in the Solent area.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks, Eddie.

Hi Eddie, Just to help you search for a MK1 with a 1.6 engine. All the Eunos Roadsters, will have the high power engine. (115 bhp) . It is only the later UK models that were detuned to meet UK emissions standards.

Cheers @NM1 I’ll bare it in mind.

I am new to this - it is my first post but I have a black Roadster V special (Eunos) 1992 which I would like to sell. It has very low mileage (92500km) and I have had it for 15 years when it was bought for me for a significant birthday! It has tan interior, leather seats and I have photos. It has just passed it’s MOT and needed a little welding under a sill. It has a hardtop which is a bit tatty on the edge and a soft top which I replaced but the zip has split. It needs more love and attention than I can give it, and I am stuck for a price as I can’t find anyone to value it (Parker’s etc don’t seem to do that). I am in Wiltshire and would appreciate any help/guidance.