Wanted NB (Any condition as long as running) - £700

Similar to my prior and only post here, im looking to buy an NB, A friend and I have put aside a hefty amount of money and we’re looking to pick up an MX-5 for 600-700 or less. The condition doesnt really matter all that much as long as it runs and drives. MOT would be nice but not necessary as the intention is for it to be a project car that him and myself will modify and restore over the coming months with the money we earn from our part time jobs and doing oddjobs here and there. Preferably somewhere close if not in Hampshire but again distance doesnt really matter either since we’re fine with travelling and if its MOT-less planning to have delivery fully paid for in advance.

A hefty amount of money will be required to convert a £700 MK2 into anything worthwhile.
Perhaps you want a £2K MK2 for £600, dropped off on your drive or rather your parent’s drive?
The more generous old men that may have facilitated this a year or 2 ago have probably learnt their lesson! Do yourself a favour and pay reasonable money for a reasonable car.