Wanted: ND Sport Recaro

Just missed one at Evans Halsahaw, £13.8k with 6k on the clock…I was out of the country and they wouldn’t hold it for me.  Looking for similar, in terms of both price and mileage.


Good choice, best model in the ND IMHO (ND2 extra power to one side), but its got to be the best ND model in terms of value for money. 

Posting your request on here is the best plan. When I was looking for a Mk3 ZSport I looked at several advertised at dealers and nothing that I would buy at the advertised price. Missed out on one privately advertised as I made the mistake of contacting the seller two hours after it was advertised. It was already sold.

A wanted post on here turned up two owners who were thinking of selling. I checked out both cars before they were even advertised. Two absolute stunners at very fair prices. Bought one of them from a very nice guy who is still a friend seven years later even though he’s now driving a Merc.

Would have had a Recaro myself but I really wanted the sand leather. Great car though. Good choice.

That was a fantastic price, well below market! Cooper Cobham Mini have one for a grand and 10k miles more.

But they have been known to take an offer… 

Well, you would say that…nice mota


Yeah, I’m hoping for a similar result but no bites so far!


Yeah, it was a good price.  Bit gutted to have missed it.  ‘Market value’ is interesting, in that none of the others around £15k+ are shifting, the same cars have been around for weeks…
Thanks, I’ve seen the Cobham car and It’s on my list of ‘possible maybes’.

I had 3 

one is now sold & I still have 2 x ceramic white ones…give me a call if interested but you will need £15k tobuy one as they are both sub 10k miles and come with a warranty second to none!!


Blimey, how d’you end up with three Sport Recaros at once?!

Thanks Paul, but £14k is my limit…I appreciate this means that I could be waiting a while, or that ultimately I might be dissapointed and have to ‘settle’ for a SportNav!



Buy from a Mazda dealer and you will pay top dollar. If you buy from a private seller or a run of the mill used car dealer you will probably want to get it checked over by an MX-5 expert anyway.

Rodders (Paul Roddison) wouldn’t sell anything that wasn’t spot on. He builds and sells race cars and races them himself, very successfully. He’s put a lot of time, effort and money into turning the ND into a bulletproof racer. That’s why he can give you a top warranty on a road car.

You won’t find any unhappy customers here. That’s more than can be said about most Mazda dealers.

I know…I’m not looking to buy from Mazda, hence my post here.  Everyone’s different, personally, I’m not the type who feels compelled to get a 3y low-mileage car checked over by an MX-5 expert.

I know of Paul by reputation.  I’ve had a few sets of pads from him and chatted to him on the phone regarding dampers when I bought my NC2.  I’m aware of his achievements behind the wheel in Max5, and behind the spanners regarding the ND gearbox issues.  I’ve no reason to doubt his warranty, it may well be the best in the observable universe but that’s a moot point if my max budget it £14k and his cars are £15k…and £1k in the back pocket buys some peace of mind…or a nice set of wheels!


OP if you decide you want to settle for a 2.0 sport nav I have them starting from £10k for a 65 plate done 40,000 miles soul red


Just missed one at Evans Halsahaw, £13.8k with 6k on the clock…I was out of the country and they wouldn’t hold it for me.  Looking for similar, in terms of both price and mileage.



I understand these people are well respected, here is a link to the type of MX5 you are looking for…

Prestige Vehicle Consultants – Prestige Vehicle Consultants

Paul,  have you got your cars listed for sale anywhere ? Had a look on your web site but under cars for sale nothing there. 

Not in market myself, well i don’t think i am but always looking to see what’s around and never say never and you seem to have a great reputation here.


I wondered the same thing.

I was recently in the market for an NC3 and, given Paul’s reputation on here, went to the web site to see if he had anything suitable. As there were no cars advertised there, I assumed that he was no longer selling them and went elsewhere.


Hmm… I suppose he has his reasons to not widely advertise the cars, he has always had them out for sale on his premises though.

I bought my current one from him if I remember it wasn’t widely advertised I just found out about it off this forum.

Evening all…

i appreciate that by not putting them on the web can be an issue to some potential customers, however the reason we haven’t done this is because we constantly have people calling us to ask what stock we have. an example is today Tony Thomas a chap often seen on here Called me today and is coming to view a couple of cars tomorrow… as I said we realise this is not ideal and are in the process of having a web site built with the domaine name mx5sales. This may take a few weeks but we are on the case.

in the meantime  anyone interested can call us for details of what we currently have for sale.


Someone going by ‘Hugh Payn’ on FaceBook has a red one he’s looking to sell.

One of our members in Yorkshire is selling a Sports Recaro due to a house move

That’s the guy. Hugh Payn. He is on Facebook. I’ve seen the car. It’s a cracker but he was looking for £14500 but might come down if he gets a quick sale.

I tried to contact Hugh Payn via FB Messenger on Thursday last week after Roadie gave me a heads-up (cheers fella!) but he didn’t get back to me…by Friday mid-morning I’d put a deposit down on another car.

So to update the thread, requirment now filled…all being well, I should be picking up a ceramic Sport Recaro this Saturday.

I did go and see Paul ‘Roddo’ Roddison and although I didn’t end up buying one of his cars, as others have stated, give him a call if you’re looking. Nice guy, test drives, proper servicing before delivery and great warranty / backup.