Wanted no longer: low-mileage rust-free PRHT 2litre NC (please don't laugh). FOUND ONE!

A nice warm, dry garage, sunny top-down motoring, regular servicing and lots of care and affection await the next member of our motoring family.

I’m happy to pay top-book for a rust-free low-mileage no-dings standard PRHT 2litre NC in top condition. They do exist, I used to have one.

Ideally it would be another Niseko not too far from West London, but I don’t hold out much hope for one after scanning the usual trade ads for the last couple of weeks. One was a possibility up in Grimsby, but it vanished almost immediately.

My shortlist of essentials includes heated height-adjustable seats, adjustable steering column, climate control, standard (ie quiet) exhaust, standard ride height.

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