WANTED: Pair of tombstone seats for a mk1 Eunos



i am looking for a pair of seats for a mk1 eunos preferably in tan leather but cloth will be ok as I am going to have them recovered.


If anyone has any or knows of any please let me know. 






I think MX5 Works had a pair on their stand at Ragley Hall. They may still have them but they also do recovering so it sounds like a normal line fof them. Don’t know whether they had the headrest speakers though

Good luck



eBay and gumtree mate! I picked up a pair (cloth) with the headrest speakers for £40. They need recovered but we were always going to have them recovered in leather anyways. There was a pair of tan leather ones for sale in Falkirk for £50 around a week ago, drivers had usual bolster wear, passenger one looked mint.

Thanks for the replies, I’ll check these out


I have a couple of sets. I’ve sent you a pm.