Wanted.....zunsport grille for nd

After a (full size, not lower) Zunsport or Spider front grille for my ND

Anyone selling?



As you also mentioned a Spider grille I assume you are looking for a full Zunsport grill vs. a lower one?

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Have you looked here… Grilles for Mazda MX5 Mk4 ND & RF | MX5parts

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Sorry. Yes the full grille. Not the lower one.

@Hotsho242 I have yes. Currently got one in my watch list on ebay. They sell them a tiny bit cheaper on there.
Just been on Zunsport Web and can get 10% off which comes out £5 cheaper than MX5 parts, but just wanted to see if anyone was selling one off before I go brand new.

Ahh right. No worries, good hunting.

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Thank you. :+1: