Warning light - electric vacuum pump indicator

my 2017 ND RF is booked in next saturday for its 2nd year service. 

Yesterday a warning light appeared which i first thought was linked with the need for a service. It is a yellow exclamation mark in a circle next to 2000 on the rev counter. 

On looking it up on the web it says ‘electric vacuum pump indicator’. 

anyone know what it means? I will get it looked at next week but is it ok to drive for a week with this issue?

anyone else had it and was it expensive to fix?


It is a ‘Fault detected in brake servo vacuum system, consult nearest Mazda dealership.’

I would have a look at the servo to see if any obvious problem but it does sound like the servo or electric pump if separate may require replacement.

Brakes OK, any odd issues?

Found another American thread on this that indicates you may be best advised to check the real diagnostic codes stored.   

Thanks for the reply. 

Brakes feel fine and only covered 4650 miles in its 2 years. 

i will let the dealer investigate next week and hope its not a big fix. At least it happened the week before the service. Not after. 

may O ask if you have pressure washed the car recently? I ask because I had this pop up on mine after a good washing session it cleared itself and has never returned since.

Yes, i had given it a good clean with a washer. Now back to the 2 x bucket method!