Warning Timer for Turn Signal with Footwell Light

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __ND-SENav
  2. I’m based near: __Creepy Crawley
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __Indicators.

Any of you slick dudes fitting this gizmo.


I just can’t hear the indicator clicking with the roof off and occasionally drive around with an indicator going. Not the best thing thing in the world.

Is it any good, which options should I choose.

I know you clever guys (that’s guys in a gender inclusive kind of way) will have all the answers. Go,.


You can increase the volume of lights on and indicators in settings. Have a look here MX-5_8EV5-EE-15E_Edition1.indb (mazda.media) Section 9-12 or page 544.
This shows all the things that can be changed by the owner, who knows you could save some time and money.

NOT on my 2007 though.
I use eye-brain-finger.
I used to forget it too BUT now
look at the flashy light on dials.
Use brain to process image
move finger to turn indicators off.

Thanks Malc, I am aware of that but sadly it doesn’t do the trick.

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Seems quite expensive.

I’m surprised it isn’t loud enough on the highest setting. I wear a hearing aid and haven’t had any issues.

I fitted one of these to my NC. Fitted behind the trim to left and right indicator wire and extended the buzzer leads and fitted behind seats in trim in cabin.

It’s for a motorcycle, but just as useful for convertables.

Sounds in time with indicators once they have been flashing for a set amount of flashes. The amount of flashes is set by the user from 0 flashes to approx 20 flashes. This acts as a warning that indicators may have been left on. Comes with everything that is required to fit (excluding tools). Very simple installation. Connect 1 red wire to left indicator, connect other red wire to right indicator, connect black to any earth point on bike. 90Db high pitch buzz at 12V.

£15 and an hour or so of your time!


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Maybe I need a hearing aid. I just don’t hear it with the roof off.

You make it sound simple. At £15 I suppose its worth a try. What can possibly go wrong!


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My problem too.

I considered replacing the two indicator LEDs in the instrument cluster with much brighter ones (ample current available), but eventually decided it was too much faff, and I ran the risk of breaking something.
I simply chickened out despite being a very good solderer with all the right tools and years of experience in circuit board microsurgery.

“If it’s not broken, then don’t fix it!”

On the other hand, if I had a scrap “cluster card” to do some analysis on, and a little bit of practising, that would be something else.