Warwick Services Convoy.

Hi all can i say a massive thankyou to all of you that turned up at the Warwick services yesterday it was great to see so many of you. Sorry i didn,t get round to meeting you all but there was so many of you ! Here,s to the next one .

how many did you get in the end?

At first I thought about 30 - 40 but thinking about it yesterday judging by the number of groups around the services i would say at least 50 would be nearer the mark maybe even 60 well chuffed with the turn out well done everyone it was a great sight.

I turned up, met up with Polisher, if I remember that is his user name. Sorry I didn’t come and say hello, I was eager to get to the rally, like a big kid again really.


well done that man :slight_smile:

Hi MickAP, we really enjoyed gaydon it was a brilliant day,it was nice to meet you both and talk to other owners and get some new ideas on what to buy next (but don’t tell the wife). Cheers Martin and Tracey.

Thanks steve although I didnt get to join the convoy as I went off with another couple of 5s thinking that was going to be the start of it. What time did you all leave?

No problem mate the best bit of it was and this will make you all laugh that me and my son went to the toilet only to find most had gone when we came out but the last 5 of us that left soon caught up with the tail end so not too bad. I think it was about 1040 by time we left not 100% sure as in too much of a hurry to catch everyone up to notice the time.