Water marks

Hi all,

Came to give the car a run today, and on returning noted what appear to be “water marks” on the bonnet, (Grey 1 yr old ND). Tried re waxing and then t-cutting (scratch remover), but to no effect.

Is there any product out there tha t anybody recommend?

Due for its first service next month so will see what they say, but this is the first time I have ever had this happen on any car I’ve owned and we have not done anything different in terms of cleaning etc., and it only appears in one area of the bonnet.

Never used one, but would a clay bar be any use?..just seems a bit drastic on a fairly new car with less than 2 k on the clock!

Many thanks for any feedback

Have a go at warming the area with heat i.e hair dryer or heat gun. Us to happen to new vehicles that had protective foam pads and when removed left a milky water mark but when heat was applied it disappeared.
Reference claying that will only remove contaminants in the paint surface like fall out.

The clay bar is not ‘drastic’. Scratch remover on the other hand is.
What ever the outcome do get a clay bar, I came late to this and regret not having ‘clayed’.
It is very satisfying and easy to do and gives you a good smooth surface to apply your wax to.

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Agree with the above remarks re trapped moisture. This can happen with a car cover and disappears after a spell in hot weather. Waxing over it may well increase the amount of time it takes to clear.

Hi all and many thanks for the feedback.

Not able to do a lot the last few days due to rain, however got the cover off today and the marks have gone!?

Not sure whether or not to keep her covered up now? I have a hood cover which I got from MX5 parts specifically for an ND and apart from being rather a lot of dosh for what it is seems good and is easy to fit and protects the hood. We have also been using a “general” small car cover to keep the dust off etc since we have been in lockdown (Wales). We normally just use this when we put the car “away” for the Winter but it is obviously letting some water through as the bonnet was wet when I just took the cover off…

…any thoughts welcome…also can anybody recommend a claybar?

(I use the rather expensive “Meguirs” wax which I find easy to apply and seems to last quite a long time as the water droplets form and run off. But again could this be causing a problem if the rain forms a “bubble” on the surface and acts as a localised magnifying glass on the flt surfaces?

…sorry for the ramble, but in general any car care advise / tips appreciated…

many thanks