Waving to each other

Why do mx5 owners not wave to each other any more just been out passed 2 mx5 MK2 waved at them both got totally blanked I had a mk 1 years ago now mk 4 I always wave then and now Chris

Well with great shock to me I have had 4 wave or flash there lights in the last two weeks and twice I missed them but the wife waved normally I wave and zero back so maybe the lockdown as changed the way they think

Had mk 4 wave at me in past but always assumed unwritten rule we all wave lol

Had a wave today.

I always wave, but often get blanked, its a bit of a lottery, I’ve had Brit sports cars in the past, and there was always a certain camaraderie among drivers.
I think most owners club members will acknowledge each other, but the casual Sunday driver who is not a member probably wonders what we are waving at, and there is the fact that sometimes you notice a wave at the last minute and its too late to respond :neutral_face: :blush:

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I have a simple rule, if I see you I wave and if I don’t, I don’t.

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I waved at a mk3 owner on canvey today … he looked at me like I was an idiot, puts me off waving!

That’s what I mean :relieved::stuck_out_tongue::crazy_face: are people changing

Most people just have a car now as a utility tool they don’t take any pride in them just use them until the PCP runs out and then throw them back .I think that a lot of them don’t care what it is as long as it’s got four wheels. Gone are the days when people looked after them and kept them for many years lm afraid it’s just a throw away society today with an easy come easy go attitude.Enthusiasts like us are few and far between .


I get the impression that it’s a mark thing. I have a mk.3, and I tend to only get my wave returned from other mk.3 drivers, and then, to be honest, not that often.

It’s almost like people don’t know about other versions of MX-5 - only their own !

I’ve had mk 1 now mk 4 RF still wave guess some of us are more polite lol

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I’ve waved on many occasions to all marks and very rarely get any response from any of them although I did have a bus driver flash his lights and put his thumb up to me last week ,perhaps he was an mx5 owner.


It’s not surprising when you think how many people just need a car and happen to like the look of an MX-5. They’ve probably never even heard of such drivers waving to each other.

Having said that, I find I get much better response to a wave on weekends and when on the type of roads which are driven for enjoyment, rather than for commuting.

Just curious where you were. As a bus driver I regularly give a wave to other owners when i’m out an about. I’m usually around Glasgow, Stirling, Perth, Dundee and Aberdeen so probably not me in this case but you never know…

Hi Adam I was in Wingham in Kent so a fair way from Glasgow.Yes it took me by suprise perhaps he is an mx5 owner as well.Anyway keep waving . Regards Bob.

I am based in Derby and always wave and have built up quite a number of drivers who wave back or flash headlights.
I got into the habit as a Land Rover owner,they always wave to each other and if you persevere local drivers soon get into the habit.

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I agree times are changing , and quite often not for the better.
As a keen Motor cyclist for 35 odd years , there was always a real camaraderie among bikers of all sorts whether it was the Bros on Harleys, Touring bikes or sports, you could pull up at a roadside tea bar , and if there was other motorcyclists there you would always end up having a friendly chat.
On that note I will still continue to acknowledge other mx5 owners , and hopefully others will do the same back, although I’m sure some of them will be thinkin " why is that pr*tt waving at us " :sweat_smile::laughing:


I wave at anything resembling a sports car if I spot it in time, EXCEPT, if I know that it has a female driver, there’s no way I’m going to risk being reported for harassment. :innocent:


The members’ club has a specific effort to ‘Save the Wave’. I’ll always wave and my own experience is that the older cars are more likely to be owned by enthusiasts, so I’m more likely to get a wave, (or a pop up!), from a mark 1 than any other. Mark 2s will often wave or, at least, smile back, but a mark 3 will often be owned by someone who doesn’t feel part of a group, but just wanted a neat convertible, so I’ve had the fewest responses from those.

For my own part, I will continue to wave at all 5s, content to be thought to look a fool some of the time, to keep the camaraderie going amongst those who know. :smile:


mk4 hood down wave today in Hemsworth Yorkshire at the traffic lights near the church and another Mk4 headlight flash n wave in Thurnscoe It’s a Mk4 thing…