Wax, how many coats?

Is it worth putting more than 1 coat of wax (Simonize/Bilthamber Double Speed) on or am I just having some extra exercise?
If it is good how many coats?

It’ll be interesting to know what other people do regarding waxing, but personally ,I wash and wax mine fairly regularly, so once washed/shampooed and rinsed off ,I dry it with microfibre cloths/noodle gloves, and give it one good coat of Carnauba wax, buff it up to a nice shine :blush:
P.S I’ve also used Meguiars Ceramic wax spray , which works very well if used as per instructions, easy to apply future coats and gives a totally waterproof coating, just my opinion :wink:


Its called ‘layering’ and can be useful to aid durability. BUT…the previous coat MUST cure first…Allow a couple of hours and it will be ok. However, dependent on the wax… BH Double Coat is quite durable so no real benefit TBH . Here is the spec sheet for it:


Good morning.
I have tried various brands over the decades.
I have used Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax now for about 5 years.
(Tend to wait for Halfords offers).
It’s easy to use with nice results.
I wasn’t really sure whether to use more than one coat. :thinking:
For that brand its just one thin coat which seems to work very well for me.
I tend to wax it after an average of 2 washes .
But I reckon 2 coats for the first time use, as the second seems to make a better deeper shine.
Meguiars shampoo too. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

I like the sound of ‘layering’, makes me sound like a ‘professional’!!! which I am definitely NOT!!
Many thanks for the information, I knew I could rely on CR for simple and concise advice.


I always put two layers on, may as well get the max lifespan you can out of the wax given that most of the time spent is prepping it for the wax, not the actual waxing itself.

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