Waze Group for MX5 Owners

Waze social satnav app for iPhones and Android phones.

The Wazer Group for MX5 Owners lets you spot MX5 Owners inadvance.

I can only see a few local groups when I search Waze for mx5 owners. What’s the group name exactly?

Hi, The Waze Group is called MX5 Owners Club

You should be able to search groups and just enter MX5 as the search criteria.
This currently finds 3 groups on my Waze account.

1) MX5 Owners Club

  1. MX5 Owners South Coast

  2. mx5driver


Waze is just a bit of fun. I would not take it too seriously.

Generally stuff does not work, and logging in is a bit hit and miss.
But it’s useful for finding traffic jams and police cameras.

I would not rely on it to get you somewhere though. You are much better off with a proper satnav app.
It requires an internet connection, so you can be fairly certain that there will not be an internet connection
just when you need it.


I get a different list of MX5 groups, all very small. Weird but Owners Club is not listed for me. May be location sensitive? I like Waze for its very up to date traffic reports.


That is odd. I wonder if Waze Groups are localized. That would be a real shame.

Where abouts are you located. I am in Dorset.