Website problems 2

Good morning all. Firstly, as a new member I had no intention of upsetting the way the club operates and the what I gather is a relatively upgraded website. However, from the number of responses, it does seem that I am not alone in my frustration with the new site. We’ll never be able to please everyone and I know that a lot of members are happy with the “improvements”. I shall persist in my struggle and hope that in time all will become clear.

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The best thing that came out of this is the ease to now post pictures. Those that struggled before have got it mastered now or near enough.
My thoughts yes much better as it wizzes along nicely no lag but like others I do find it a little messy to use
So much effort has gone into making this new site work which I am very grateful for.:+1:

I’m still finding it messy and not intuitive to navigate, so not spending as much time here. The ‘light’ skin is too bright and the ‘dark’ is too dark! A skin with a half-tone background would be nice.

I never had any trouble posting pictures or links on the old one although obviously many did.

It is what it is, and it works.