Wednesday 13th April 22, Pub Meet, Copt Oak Restaurant

Hi All
We have arranged the April Mid Week Pub Meet to be at the Copt Oak Restaurant, at Whitwick Road, Copt Oak, Markfield, Leicestershire, LE67 9QB.
We have been there a few times in the past, and usually a good venue in close proximity to the M1, near Coalville.
Please add your names to the thread if you would like to join us.
7pm for 7:30 start.
We have been asked to pre order our meal choices due to a large party and if you would like to look at the menu, it is on their website,
However we have been told that the menu is due to change just prior to our visit, so therefore if you look now, it may not be the same nearer the time and meal choices can be confirmed at a later date.
We would very much enjoy your company if you wish to join us.
David and Ann Mortiboys

Hi David and Ann. Yes please put me down.
Many thanks Sharon

Hello Ann & David,

Carol-Ann and Ian would like to join you.

We would like the following please:

1x Two way chicken burger
1x Minted Lamb shank

Thank you.

Hi David and Ann,
Please can you add Max and Michele to the list too.
Many thanks

Hi All

We have now heard that menu will not be changing before our visit, therefore if you would like to look at the web address below and add your meal choices with your reply, I can make a spreadsheet to send to the Copt Oak in advance of our visit.

Thank you
David and Ann

Ray and Glennis would love to join you at the Copt Oak Will check the menu and send choices soon Thanks

Hi. Please put us down for this visit and dinner.

1 x scampy with mushy peas
1 x beef lasagne

John and Jan

Hi Ann,David,

Please include us for the Copt Oak meal.
1 smoky beef & pancetta lasagne.
1 sweet cure gammon steak…
Thank you.Carol,Terry

Hi Dave & Ann,
Book me 1 place (Ayliffe will be in Venice) and order me the Rotisserie chicken and mash. Thanks.
I will take the opportunity to visit my daughter and family (who live in a nearby village) that afternoon.
Nigel M.

Hi David n Ann Meal choices Ray Regular Gammon Steak Apple and Raspberry Tart Glennis Regular Breaded Scampi with Garden Peas Thanks

Can you please add Phil and josie
Phil wants prawn cocktail and rotisserie
Chicken and mash and side cheesy chips
Josie wants regular gammon steak
And raspberry shortbread

I would like main: Rotisserie Chicken with Smoked Applewood® Mash and pudding.
Strawberry Clotted Cream Cheesecake.
Thank you very much, Sharon :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi Ann and David,
Michele: half chicken, Hunters sauce, chips, side salad
Max: Gammon steak (regular 10oz)

Many thanks,

Hi David & Ann
Please add us to the list, choices are:-
Beef & ale pie
Fish & chips (regular size)
Don & Kate

Hello David and Ann,
We would be there if we could but its the day we are driving back from Penzance having taken the helicopter to there from Tresco and we just won’t be home in time. We plan on seeing everyone at The Coopers later in April as we are taking precautions to avoid Covid before we go away so won’t be there this week.
Bye for now
Karen and Paul Wesson

Hi David and Ann
Please add us to the list
David and Anita

Hi David and Ann,
We would love to join you.
Please put us down for 2 Minted Lamb Shanks.

Kind Regards,
Anthony and Carol

Hi David and Ann
Could we please order
1x regular cod and chips (no peas)
1x smoky beef and pancetta lasagne
David and Anita

Hello David and Ann.
Please add Paul & Jayne Grogan to the list.
We would like to order one Beef and Ale Pie and one 8 oz Sirloin steak, cooked medium and with a salad instead of chips. Thanks…
Paul & Jayne.

Please add Tim & Petra to the list, we will take a look at the menu over next few days.

We only live just down the road in Shepshed so will have to take a detour to get the engine warm before we park up :slight_smile: