Wednesday 18th March - Mal's Sossie Run to the Sussex Brewery

Hi Sally,

I take it that was the Ale Battered Hake & Chips, with a side of minted peas?

Also, which variety of O’Hagans Sossies, as there are eight choices?

Any side with those or are you happy with what the menu says both meals come with?

I know, questions, questions, questions :grinning:

Mal x

Hi Mal,

We’re sorry for not having been more specific with our food requests, please may we have the following:

1 x The Sussex Brewery sausage meal

1 x Cumberland sausage meal with onions but with chips instead of mash and please will you check if there is lactose and/or dairy in the gravy as there frequently is and I can’t have this?

1 x Side serving of mixed vegetables, as long as just cooked in water with no butter or garlic.

Sorry about the dietary requests and we’re happy to ring them if you’d prefer.

Would you like any money upfront?

Thanks for your help with this and looking forward to seeing everyone at the pub.

Best wishes,

Sally & Colin

Hi Sally & Colin,

I have incorporated those changes to your meal entries on my spreadsheet, so all is well :wink:

Best Regards


Hi Gerry, just heard back from Sussex Brewery. Please can you choose which flavour sausages you would like.



Hi Mal, the 5 and I are looking to emerge from hibernation, is there still a space available for me? Pork, cider and somerset cheddar if possible but I’ll eat anything. Would hope to meet at Wickham but might be late from work so don’t wait, I can find my own way if necessary.
Cheers, Robert

Hi Robert,

Delighted to hear form you and glad you have come out of hibernation.
Yes, still space and I have added your meal to my spreadsheet, so you are all set.
If we don’t see you at Wickham, we will see you at the venue at 7pm.
Best Regards

Hi Mal do you think this run will still be on on Wednesday as I’m listening to Boris and he is saying stay away from pubs and restaurants?


Dear All,

Please be advised, that sadly, as of tonight’s Prime Minister’s Announcement, on the 6PM News, with respect to the current Coronavirus Pandemic and the cancelling all social events and urging the public to stay away from Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants. We have no option but to cancel this meet at The Sussex Brewery and will review our other events going forward, as the government will no doubt be updating us further on the pandemic, as we go forward.

As AC’s we have a responsibility to consider everyone’s safety (Duty of Care) when we organise events and this event is no exception, as we would hate anyone to pick up the virus, due to one of our events.

Having said this, we will however, look into trying to re-instate this visit in the Autumn using the spreadsheet of meal orders but will post more on this, one we know the pandemic is hopefully receding and restrictions are lifted by the Government.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, as it would have been a good one and I am as disappointed as everyone else.

Stay safe and virus free everyone and hope to see you all again very soon.

Best Regards


Hi Gerry,
Thought you were going to Message Me on Facebook but now seen it was on here. See my post below on cancellation of the event.

Hi Mal.
Thanks for the update I suspected this would be the case after the press release this afternoon.
I will continue planning for the Cowdary Park drive and will of course cancel if the advice makes this wise

Many thanks for your understanding Tug. It’s been a fraught evening :frowning:

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