Wednesday 18th March - Mal's Sossie Run to the Sussex Brewery

Dear All,

Mal’s Sossie Run, “its got sizzle”, is posted in the MX5OC Events Calendar and can be found at the following link;

Guaranteed to titillate your gastric juices and make your mouth water



Hi Everone,

Not had many responses to this one yet but realise with the recent changes to the forum, things have been a bit disjointed.

So, if anyone wishes to come along to Mal’s Sossie Run, please reply to this post, in order that I can update the Sussex Brewery on numbers and Sossie meal orders👍

Any problems accessing the Events Calendar from the link I provided, in my original post, please do not hesitate to get back to me on:


Hi Mal,
Bit confused here, I emailed you mine and Angela’s menu requirements on the 16th January and you replied that it was on your spreadsheet!
So I am assuming that you have still got that.

Arrgghhh…Hi Ron,

Please excuse the typo. For “any” read “many”.

You’re choices are on the spreadsheet from memory but I will check and let you know, if your choices are not captured.

Best Regards


Hi Ron & Angie,

Just got around to checking my spreadsheet and yes, your meal orders are there, so all is well.

You did want “Pig Trotters and Chips” didn’t you? :grinning:

Best Regards


Hi Mal put me down for this one I can walk from my house

Will do. Just you Gerry?

Not to sure Mal at this stage but will let you know

Just conducted a quick review of this event and we currently have 5 people signed up for this event and meal orders for 4 people. Keep 'em coming, as it would be good to see a few more attend the Sussex Brewery to sample their delicious Sossies :plate_with_cutlery: :beers: :+1:



Sorry Mal, can’t make it this year as I will be in the Northern Highlands enjoying the empty snow-covered roads. If the sossies are as good this year as it has been in previous years I’m sure it will be a great night out.

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Hi Colin,

Ah, sorry you and Wysi cannot make it but enjoy the snow free Scottish Roads. Give my love to Helensburgh & Loch Lomond if you get near there :wink:



Hi again everyone,

I am not panicking quite yet but with the Deadline to get meal orders in will soon be here and it is realised there has been a lot going on with respect to the new forum and people trying to find the latest posts and get used to the new logins etc.

We currently have only 5 takers and sossie meal orders. So, if you fancy tucking into a nice plate of O’Hagans Sausages on Wednesday 18th March, which will be our last indoor event, before evening drives resume, please respond to this post soonest and I will add your choices to the spreadsheet.

Best Regards


Hi Mal.
We will meet you at the pub around 19.30 as we will struggle to make the departure time for the drive. Our order is
1 hot garlic
1 Smith Field.

Richard and Clare.

Hi Tug,
Many thanks for that. I will add your orders to the spreadsheet and you will be all set.
Understand ref getting getting to drive departure point. I look forward to seeing you both there.