Wednesday the 21st club night at the Countryman Inn Tasburgh

Hiya  everyone hope to see a good turn out this wednesday at the Countryman inn, Im sorry if anyone was looking forward to one of my fantastic quizzes and hopeing to win a super unbeleivable Prize, But with the bbq party this weekend gone I haven’t had time to prepare one, and didn’t realise it was on the calander till a few minutes ago, I will make it up to you all next time we have a quizz with an even better prize than we have had before

Regards Steve

I will be there Steve


Mean’t to say Steve

Are you collecting the money for the Christmas party as this is the last chance to get the best price isn’t it?



Good point Kev, yes everyone I will be taking money for the christmas Party wednesday, evening £37 pound a head, this is for a three course meal and party at The Top of the terrace, please see christmas party post
Regards Steve

Hi Steve, we won’t be at the meet tonight, Paul is away. Please let us know how to pay Smile


Hi Steve,

Sorry we can"t be there tonight. We were rather looking forward to it as there may be some new members. Work commitments again I am afraid.

Peter and Carol

Had a really good meeting tonight really nice to see even more new members I hope we made you all feel welcome

What a great turn out, lovely to see all the new owners and their cars.

At this rate we will need a bigger venue 




Hi Steve, Kev,

Yes you did thanks, was good to see Paul S as well. I’m planning to get along to the breakfast run on the 1st and also the Sandringham run and possibly one or two other events - will keep an eye on the forum.