Weekend Resto project anyone?

Would certainly keep you lot busy.
Pick your favourite, and why.

Definitly this:

Most of the others are at least in one(ish) piece… :joy:


They won’t be in one piece for long, soon to be on a slow boat to somewhere like Armenia.

“Only” needs a new engine or rebuild (probably a 5 figure bill) :grinning:

A colleague of mine used to do up Maseraties, apparently V6 bottom end or turbo failure was common because of neglect by previous owners not bothering with servicing but revving the nuts off them. Also the early cast alloy ecu casings used to rot and damage the connectors, but this was repairable by someone with skill and a soldering iron etc

He used to change the trident badge (also often rotted away in no time) in the radiator grille for a rolex five point, and people used to do a double take when they saw them. Weird.


Some of these really bring a tear to the eyes of even this old granite hearted grump.