Weird click when braking - 2014 2l Sport Venture

Hi all

A couple of weeks back I bought a 2014 MX5 NC 2.0l Sport Venture and absolutely love it! It’s done 35k miles and is in really good condition. Here it is :slight_smile:

In the last week or so I’ve noticed a click (rather than a clunk) coming from what sounds like the engine bay in front of the driver, so offside front. Seems to happen just slightly after I’ve pushed the brake and I only notice it at lowish speeds, but that might just be because I can’t hear it when going faster. Also it doesn’t seem to happen all the time, probably 80%. Weird.

Brakes seem to work fine, but would love to know what the sound might be. Possibly caliper pins sticking on that brake? I don’t have the knowledge or tools to examine the brakes myself so any work will need to be done at a garage.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!


Sounds like sticking disks to me the way you describe it.

I understand you can’t do the below youself but it should not cost lots having it carried out by a good garage.

My first check would be to simply remove the disk pads, clean them up, make sure the pins are working as they should, if not remove them and re-grease. I would also clean the anti-squeel shims and put a new smear of Ceramic grease on both sides before putting them back together. I use ceramic grease on the pins too.

If any of the parts are too worn e.g. the disks or shims very rusty or pads low I would replace as appropriate. Hopefully they will need cleaning up only as above.

I replaced all brake disks and pads recently on spec. because it was a new car to me (2011 NC Miyako) and I now know they are all good, whilst doing this I also painted the calipers in high temperature silver to tidy those up too should be fine for a long time now.


If you bought from a dealer/trader get them to take a look at it first.
If not, do as above.

Thanks Roy so much for the advice, I think I’ll book it into the garage and get them to take a look. I’ll mention all the steps you detailed on here - just to be sure! Cheers

Thanks Overdrive, the trouble is they’re around a 2 hour drive away and as it’s probably classed as wear and tear it’s a dubious call anyway. It was fine when they delivered it! So good advice, I would explore that option if they were nearer!

Further to this post, I’ve been reading about wheel alignment as my MX5 pulls to the left over so slightly. I see Wheels in Motion seem to be the place to go for that. I wonder if they’d look at my brake issue too? I assume they’re still recommended? Fortunately, I was pleased to see I live literally 13 mins away from their garage in Chesham!