Well Done Buttttttttttt


Well done ER for organising the 2013 National

Please accept this as constructive criticism

What was going on in the main ring, a couple of cars moving at a snails pace with no commentary. Why not a proper Auto test against the clock (Billing 2012)

It would have been nice to have sat on the straw bales with something to watch.

A Merlin engine Popping and Banging, is nothing to do with the largest selling sports car in the world?

As for the Catering, a Tea tent that ran out of water twice and other Catering units that couldn’t cope with the demand.

Yes great burgers when you got one but who wants to wait 25 minutes in the queue to be served and then to find that they could not operate their chip fryer properly, so had my money back for the chips and had to eat a cold burger.

As for something for the Ladies a 25 minute hike to the house only to find that it was partially closed! Perhaps HR was at home.

Still plenty of beautiful 5’s to look at

Why not next time organise it at Snetterton, it’s on your patch.

Midnight Flyer


thank you, constructive criticism accepted… Smile

I would agree with the above and also like to add that broadcasting loud music most of the day was completely unnecessary. It was even playing at one time whilst the live singer was trying to perform…

Don’t get me wrong - it was a great day that I wouldn’t have missed, but having been to the last 11 nationals I haven’t really seen much improvement.



I was really enjoying the music during the first part of the day. We were boogying on the Phoenix Five Area Stand. :slight_smile:


Then later on I wandered past the arena and thought to myself… “Jeeepers! That’s loud!”

The volume hadn’t changed, just my location in relation to the speakers. Perhaps the speakers were in the wrong place?


Please keep the music as we enjoyed it :slight_smile: Maybe look at moving the speakers? Or maybe more speakers

spread out around the event rather than one loud set of speakers in the middle?


This was my 1st rally and I thought it was excellent and appreciate all the hard work put into the organisation. However I do agree not much seemed to happen in the main ring and the vintage tea tent was a disaster, 45 minutes wait for a cup of tea, they had a great concept but poor execution. ( I know this is out of the hands of the organisers) Also the Ladies tent was a bit of a let down, but this would not overshadow the great success of the whole day and am looking forward to next years rallies.

Our first Rally also, and like others have said, enjoyable for the most part, but the catering facilities were inadequate.  I waited very nearly 30 minutes just for 2 cups of coffee, and then gave up and got a refund.  In fact, it led to our leaving the event (@2:30) before the finish, just to go find a a place to buy a hot drink!

Thanks however, to all in the Eastern Region for organising the event and the supply of good weather, but maybe have a little more going on in the main arena at future events?  Wandering around the Trade Stands was okay for me, but my better half would have liked to see more variety.

Thanks also for the drives organised for the Saturday.  We managed to do most of the ‘Coastal Run’ and drove through some wonderful Norfolk countryside in glorious sunny weather.

obviously no boy scout/girl guides there… be prepared.
we have always taken tea/coffee/wine/food/table/chairs etc to national rally days (missed this years event unfortunately).

sounds like it was a really good day out.


We did just this, food and drink, chairs etc. we took our own.

Later on though after the queues had deminished we though hey let’s have a cuppa and a sit down, not so. Although there was only one person waiting at the “tearoom” they still seemed to be running around with not much happening in regards to serving the folks who were waiting. I gave up and drank the remnants of our orange juice in the end.

I echo other comments about not a great deal happening in the main arena, the Merlin engine apart, what else?

Many thanks for a great day otherwise, and already looking forward to the next one.

The arena idea was born with all the best intentions but as planning for the rally progressed, for one reason or another it became difficult to fill with attractions. My bad that one.

Just a guess with this Robbie but I can’t imagine we were allowed to do too much vehicle movement in the arena, especially given there is always a risk of rain, for concern that there would be a mud bath in the middle of the otherwise pristine estate?


I quite liked the slower paced arena though - it was something a bit different, and (although I probably shouldn’t say it) I did find it quite funny watching some of the kids make a complete mess of it - mind you, they did a far better job than some of the “adults”! Tongue Out

    Was Billing in 2011 not 2012 as that was Prescott

We to left early to get some thing to eat and drink.

Sorry, hands off! Snetterton is on our patch! Tongue Out



Sandringham, quite particular about damage to the Grass - which why it was elected to have a skill driving challenge rather than out an out blat about, better that than nothing at all, and as Robbie pointed out planning the programme for the day was… dynamic to say the least.




Should of had remote control cars Iain, lot more fun and no mud bath ,winner


Whilst I agree that the events in the main arena were a bit flat, I’m glad there wasn’t more fast vehicle movements due to the dust factor on the show cars nearby. A small irritation on the day would have been made a lot worse.

Tried Wayne… another time. 

and always open to suggestions as to what to have at the rallies - often hear about not enough choice etc and people leave their comments at that, while that is ok if some may shed a little more light on what they’d want to see it would be a useful pointer!



More food and drink outlets at the next one please.   There will not be room for all in the Resturant at Gayden. The last time we went there the food was very ltd.


Yes, 1000 cars now is fairly consistant at shows, so 1000-1500 people will need feeding over a 2 hour lunch period. 13 burgers a minute.