Well Done to South East area.

 We’ve not long arrived home from the Spring Rally and want to convey our thanks to Sarah and the team… Congratulations and very well done to Sarah and Martin and all of those responsible for hosting a super rally. From experience we know how hard it is to host a rally and you made a sterling job of it.

I was amazed at the huge number of cars in the parking area when I went back to our car to get a coat, MX-5’s as far as the eye could see. 

 It was great fun to catch up with old friends from the Yorkshire Ridings. Mick and Amanda Gauntlett and other Y.R members,  Very considerate of Amanda to wear pink trousers so that she could be seen across the field (Quick, follow the pink trousers) 

We enjoyed a very pleasant three days in your area and stayed at a Travel Lodge in Maidstone, (how considerate of the planners to build an Asda Living right next door to the hotel…very handy indeed) You live in a beautiful part of the world so we took some time out to explore and see some of the places that were just names on a map.

Jen and Jim Dorgan

Tyne Tees.

I agree totally!

What a beautiful neck of the woods!

We went to a National Trust property every day plus the Railway, a posh meal in a floating restaurant on the Medway and the Rally on Sunday!

We have left enough to mean a return visit will definitely be required soon! Let’s hope the weather is always that good down there?!

Thanks to everyone involved in the organisation of the 2011 Spring Rally.


Congratulations to Sarah and her team on a very successful 2011Spring Rally. The Cornish Fives now have a hard act to follow next year!

Well done.

Sharon & Mike

Cornish Fives

 Big thanks from us, lovely area and great event.

Jamie and Claire

 We aim to please!  Glad you enjoyed yourselves.  I am sure Sarah will be posting her thanks to you all for coming along in due course - without people and cars there would be no rally - but needless to say Sarah, Martyn, Paul & Jenny are having a well disserved day off today - only mad fools like me that had to crawl into work - the caffeine was starting to kick in by lunchtime!

Hope to see you all at the next Rally.


Rally Accommodation & Coaches

p.s. can we have some rain now please!Storm Cloud


 My thanks to Sarah and her team for a great weekend. We stayed at the Hilton Maidstone and what a great choice of hotel. They looked after us all very well.

Thanks for a fabulous time. We will come back for sure.

On behalf of all of the Eastern Region, thanks for hosting the 2011 MX-5 Owners Club Spring Rally.

 Thanks everyone

It was our pleasure and look forward to seeing you all at Silverstone or the National Rally

Thanks for coming and glad the weather was kind to us all


Sarah and Martyn xxx