Well you better bring your best rain coat again to the rally.....

 Not looking good for yet another major drop top car club get together yet again???

Lets hope it changes???


Why do we have these before summer(wet and crap) and after summer (even more wet and crap)???

They are drop tops for summer use, lets have one in summer where we can use it,instead of wet, and hugging a mug of tea for dear life, being realy nice, because of the love of the roadsters, but can not wait to go homeRolling eyes.


Won’t need the sun screen then!

Yep forecast is crap, so it looks like we are staying at home again.Sad

 Am just digging out my snorgle ,flippers, and amphicar, for another great national so late in the yearRolling eyes


 Man up!!!  If we stayed home because rain was forecast in this country we`d all be hermits.

It`s only liquid sunshine Wink

Just do a Steve Mcclaren & be a wally with a brolly

The Met Office www.metoffice.gov.uk is more optimistic; Sunday Sept 18 cloudy sunny intervals, no indication of rain, 13c,

wind north westerly 6-10mph, should help those travelling south down the M6.

This will be my first MX5 Rally, looking forward to the top down once I get south of the Lancaster rain belt!!




Weather looks fine:




Lovely day. It was raining a bit in Bath at 6.00am when I set off but the full length tonneau kept it off. As I got to Swindon the sun came up in a clear eastern sky and, apart from a couple more light showers which the speed keeps out of the car, that was it on the journey. When we arrived lots of cars had their tops down and there was one slight shower at around midday but that was it! Raincoats not needed.

The speed trials were carried out on loose earth, not mud.


Waiting to hear what the score was. I saw four other Gleneagles and at least a dozen Merlots. A man sees what he wants to see and …

 Well not long got home to Staffordshire and roof down all the way. Burnt face from weekends activities including Silverstone. So weather held out beautifully and some stunning motors.

I got 1.05 on the Autotest but drove like a right banana on the last 2 runs otherwise might have been useful but what a fabulous blast! I hope they include this stuff in the rally again.


Yep a good day and weather wise…Storm Cloud wot rain.

It went a bit dark once, which had everyone scurrying back to there 5’s with the tops  left down. We were already at the car when a few rain drops fell, nothing reallyThumbs up

Anyway top down back to Derbyshire and got as far as Market Harborough when the heavens opened up. So not a bad day at all Cool


 Hey not my forecast chaps.

But i am more than happy to have been wrongThumbs up

It was a good rallyCool


 Well the Wifes new Blue hood never got christened, it was top down all the way home.



Yeah those weather folk gladly got it wrong.

It did look dodgy when we left home. We said hood up and and down the M1 or hood down and take the A6. The A6  wonThumbs up although it took us nearly twice as long to get thereBig Smile