West London Area - Mid-week visit to Downton Abbey - Tuesday 6 September

You need to be hot off the mark if you fancy visiting Highclere Castle, the setting for ITV’s Downtown Abbey, as tickets are selling out quick.

The plan is to book Tuesday 6th September’s afternoon morning session (house admission from 10.30am-1pm although we can access the gardens after then), then perhaps an early evening meal/late lunch at a pub afterwards.

Ticket prices are £15 for adults and £13.50 for over-60s.

If you would like to join in then please let me know, with payments, by Sunday 13th Wednesday 9th March so that I can make the booking.  Anyone who doesn’t make this deadline can book their own tickets direct, subject to availability.

Should the afternoon sessions be sold out I would like to book the morning session - please can you also confirm whether you would be ok for the morning session (castle entry between 10.30am and 1pm but can access the gardens after this).

1. Helen
2. Richard & Linda (paid)
3. John & Yvonne (paid)
4. Lester & Josiane
5. Heather +1 (paid)
6. Jane (paid) UPDATE: Unfortunately this event is cancelled as tickets have sold out.  Refunds will be given.

The afternoon session has now sold out - morning only available.

Unfortunately tickets have sold out so I’ve got to cancel this event. Emails have been sent to participants regarding refunds.