West London Area - Uxbridge Auto Show - 21 July 2019

The Uxbridge Auto show on 21st July 2019 is one of the bigger local shows, with club stands as well as individual entries for a vast range of vehicles of various kinds, ages, makes and uses, as well as other entertainments (see their website).  It is charitable and very well run by volunteers (Rotary Club of Uxbridge) and all the entry donations go to the charities for that year.  Each car is expected to donate at least £12, with a minimum of £8.

Their website has moved on and while parts still refer back to the 2018 show it will be updated further, and gives us a good idea of what to expect.


Booking a group of cars into the Uxbridge show is not quite so simple for us as it was with Hanworth, but simpler for the organisers.

The way they want to do it is for me to tell them how many cars, pay the ‘donation’ and they send me the correct number of passes.  Which means I have to do our admin, and handle the money from members attending, and also distribute the passes to those members, all in enough time to avoid problems.

After talking with John Childs (the organiser) I have put in a club place holder booking for the first few cars with a note about what we have agreed, and then closer to the date will put in the final booking(s?) for the rest.  The sooner I can make this final booking the sooner I will receive the rest of the passes and can then distribute them.  He is happier for it to be earlier to avoid the last minute rush. The club pitches take more space than the individual entries so numbers need to be finalised at least a week earlier to allow them to jiggle the pitch arrangements

I suggest we pay £10 (middle size donation) each, but you can give more if you like - it is a good cause.  The method with least postal costs is to give me cash/cheque at  our West London meet at the Oatlands Chaser or any MX5OC outings I am on.  Failing these arrangements it will have to be bank transfer to me or cheques in the post to me, and before 2nd July (latest I can post the final application in) simply to ensure enough time for things to happen before the closing date AND allow me time to receive and forward the passes.

If all goes to plan I’ll have the final set of passes to give out on the 1st July meeting at the Oatlands Chaser.  Otherwise it will mean me posting out the passes (and I’d need something to cover the postage), or you could collect them (before the show day) from my home which is just a couple of minutes drive away from the show ground.

Please PM me to confirm you want to book a place, and I will give you the relevant payment details. 

I will be able to take cash bookings at our MX5 gatherings at Brands Hatch (if you can find me) on 23rd June, Hanworth Festival on 30th June and the Oatlands Chaser on 1st July.

Many thanks

Richard Stevens


Members signed up

Richard paid

Colin     paid

Steve T paid

Phillip    paid

Barry (two cars) paid

John and Jenn paid

Sanjit    paid

John B   paid

Steve B paid

Neil and Sheila paid


Hi Richard, 

Yes, this is one we have been to in the past, as I grew up down the road from Uxbridge, in Hayes and our friends still live in Hillingdon and Steve usually takes his Standard Big 9 to this event and we go along. Its a good one with plenty of vehicles and very easy to get to being just off the A40, so we may even get there ourselves this year.



Joint Solent Area AC with Terry Botto

Some interesting links about the previous 2018 Autoshow as a taste of what to expect in 2019.  The first one will be updated to the 2019 schedule in a few months time.







The first batch of passes and arrival instructions arrived within two days of me posting the form and cheque.  I’ll hold onto them for now to save on postage because I expect to see most of you at a meeting, outing or event long before the show.

We will be in Area F on Club Stand 03.  We will be using the North Way entrance, off Honeycroft Hill (UB10 9NG on SATNAVS, and then through under the railway arch).  Exhibitors should arrive well before 9.30am. (North Way is at the southern end of the ground!)

The public entrance is on the East side of Park Road near postcode UB8 1NS.


I’ve now added the event to our Facebook page.

I’ll be at The Inn on the Lake Silvermere for the West London MX5 OC meeting this evening if anyone would like to book up for the Uxbridge Auto Show.


Hi Richard,

Can you add me and my wife to the list of attending please. Picked the car up on Friday and already loving it. 

Let me know what to do about payment.



John & Jenn

Richard may well be at the next pub meet, so you could pay him then. No doubt he’ll be along soon to advise.

I’ve just updated the first post in this thread with the more info about attending the show, and details on which MX5 events I will be at to meet and answer questions.

Hi Richard

could you save a pass for the Uxbridge show we caught up with you in Ireland 

i live of sweet croft lane and can drop the money round to you if you want 

my email is stevebirt@gmx.com let me know

regards Steve 

Many Thanks.

email sent, name added to the list

Just a few days now to the show, and I have fingers crossed that the forecast holds fair for Sunday 21st. 

I bought some extra spaces so the pitch will not be cramped and we’ll have room for the gazebo and the triangle banner.  We should have some basic catering, tea, coffee, cakes, but best to bring your own re-usable cups.

There are prizes awarded to the best club stand and also best individual car, and we have several good ingredients to help, but the competition is stiff and as first-timers there I don’t expect we’ll get anything.

However, I’ve printed and laminated an A4 giving a brief run-down on my car (some history, a photo and the Mazda specification blurb from the brochure), and another very brief one about the Owners club.  It might look good if each of us could do something about our own cars to show why they are special (as they all are). 

If you want to send me a brag-sheet about your car (Word or PDF file to my home email, PM me for it if you need it and don’t have it), I can laminate A4 or A3 but I can only print A4, (single or double sided).




Thanks for the update Richard. I’ll see about getting a similar sheet done for my car. If you could send me your email address I’ll then send you a copy to be laminated on A4. I also have a rolling road result print out I can add to this as well and get laminated.

Fingers crossed we get the nice weather on Sunday and not the rain due for end of this week. 




Many thanks to the members who came to the Auto Show on Sunday. 

Special thanks to Barry (MX Brat) for helping me put up the gazebo and the triangle banner, and special thanks to Steve T and Philip for their help with the de-rig.

It is possible to fit my gazebo, the Club’s big triangle banner, two Halfords collapsing chairs, the tall whippy flag, a camping stove, water, cake-on-a-tray, and other bits in the NC boot.  I forgot the collapsing table which would have taken the last bit of space, but the wind was too much to run the stove, so never mind.

The weather was dry all day, but a bit windy and sometime the clouds threatened.  I forgot my own advice to SWMBO to wear long sleeves and wide-brim floppy hat, and wore a short-sleeve shirt and the O/C baseball cap, so my arms and ears were a bit burnt.

Currently I’ve a slight problem getting into imgur to load more pictures so I can’t post any of those I took on the day.  With any luck this is temporary.  I’ll try again later.


Couldn’t make this one, but looking forward to seeing the pics…

I’ve finally sorted out my imgur account again, so here are some pics from Uxbridge, not as many as hoped because somehow I was too busy to wander about and take enough nice pics

First of all a couple of superb customised MX5 thanks to MX Brat

customised to way past the normal limits

customised to way past the normal limits

And then some of the more normal cars, our sign and gazebo, just in case the weather turned, but amazingly the rain held off, and it was just a bit windy

more MX5s at Uxbridge

and two interested visitors wanted to sit in the car, being small they make the it look unusually large for an MX5

Does it fit?

Alas, a couple of the members who had contributed to the charity and received passes seemed to have lost their way and so we had a few spare slots in a very generous stand.