West Midlands Area - The Phoenix Fives

Please come and say hello to the locals in the area and see what we are getting upto [Y]


Yay, Hi all. We’ve gor our own spot now [:D]

well we have at the moment… (I just posted something - it could be all wrong)

This is a second home - a back incase our site goes down - here is the tame environment [;)]

 The link above is where we play [maz]

hmmm … no edit function


Edit: Back-up

Oh yes I have landed be afraid, be very afraid.


No prizes for guessing which is our area’s fave colour.[H]

oy, you lot, this is just supposed to be a topic with a link to your own forum in it… [;)]


Retreat to safer grounds my red fleet …oh and Mark [:P] 







Brave brave Sir Raydar, Sir Raydar Ran Away …[:D]

I did ask if we could have our own area forum Martin!

Well that’s one way to get the post count up!


Mice one Nick

Mice…? Ooh no edit on this forum.

 There is and there isnt you just got to spot it …(insert lol smiley please)


You spoted the edit thing too [:'(]

What edit thang?

[:’(] Where where? [:’(][:’(][:’(][:’(][:’(]

Mu ha ha ha …[6]