West Norfolk Christmas Meal

Dear all,

I have provisionally booked the above venue for 30-35 of us, time TBC.

Click the link and have a look at the current menu, it will change for Jan but it will give you an idea of the likely choices, far more than the Bank House can offer, that will be available.

If you’re interested I can start a list, we like a list 


Many thanks,

Kev and Matt 

Stop Press, new menu available from Saturday. I’ll post the link as soon as I get it  - Kev 

Hi all, new Jan menu as attached, please have a look and let me know what you’d like so that we can pre-book. Need the choices by this Sunday 14th please. 

Hi again - time now confirmed for 6.30 for 7pm 

 Just to confirm, contrary to the post I replied to Mark and Pam, it is 6.30 for 7pm start, just to confirm 



Kev and Liz - ??

Matt and Mix - ??

Barry and Jenny  - ??

Mark and Pam  - ??

Mark and Tracy - ??

Brian and Ape - ??

Steve and Jo - ??

Andrew and Hilly - ??

Phil and Jen - ??

James and Mandy - ??

Ralph and Viv - ??

Martin and Wendy - ??

Mark and Carole - ??

Thanks peeps, all meals now sorted and emailed over. See you all on Sat, 6.30 pm for 7.00pm sit down.


Please add us to the pending list 


Mark & Pam

Hi Kev and Matt

The timbers menu looks much better and a far greater variety of dishes, please put Jen and I on ‘the list’.

Preliminary info on the Lincs Aviation Museum as follows:

1940’s weekend is on Saturday 26th and Monday 28th May, (that is pretty much the same format as this year)plus the 'Mossie’or.

The Lincs Aviation Airshow on 04th August, (tickets limited to 5000).

Prices for both days are TBC.

I will try and phone them tomorrow and hopefully have some firm info for the 20th at the Waterside.

Barry and Jenny

Hi Barry, consider you both on the list 

We have Helmingham on the 5th August so it might be better to go for the 1940’s dates?

We’ll discuss with everyone at the Waterside next month if that’s ok? 



Will do Mark and Pam 


Spose we had better come along to keep you company!

The Bear.

Spose you better had 

You’re on the list Barney 



Kev and Mat


Yes please add us to the list


Andy and Jo 

Will do Andy and Jo glad that you can make it  


Hi Kev and Matt

Can you add us to the list.

Mal and Andrea

Hi Mal and Andrea, glad you can both make it  you’re on the list!




Looks like a good place please add us to the list

Hilly & Andrew  

Consider yourselves listed 



Looks great, please could you also add us two to the list?


Phil & Jen

Yep, added, you two  you are! 


Kev & Mat,

Please add us two to the list.

Looking forward to it. 

Martin & Wendy.

Blimey new members? Luvvly 

Only joking, be great to see you and catch up on all the house news 

Kev and Matt 


Jeb and Matt,

We are up for the meal at Timbers.

Please add us to the list.


Mark & Carole

Kev! Bloody tablet!!!